Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mad Men Season 5

One week from today Mad Men season 5 will begin will a special two-hour premiere episode on AMC. This news is exciting to many as Mad Men has taken a well overdue hiatus, and left its viewers in a plethora of anticipation. I am not really pro-spoiler alerts so I will keep it simple.

In these past few days I was hit with a flu bug called bronchitis. Tissues, diet 7-up, and inhalers beside me, I set out on a MM re-watching marathon. Yes, you heard me currently - "RE-WATCH". It's true, I have already watched all four seasons of MM. But it's been a while (remember?.. the hiatus), and I felt the need to refresh my memory. Now I have done this before with other shows (ahem, Downton Abbey), but I find myself reading magazines or books, playing words with friends or draw something, or cleaning my room as I do so. But this time around with MM, the computer screen had my full attention. I have been able to pick up so many important things while watching MM a second time around... and I also have had a chance to appreciate the little things more.

You know when you're 18 and you pick up CS Lewis' book "The Screwtape Letters", and you finish reading it and you think, WOW, that was a great book... but you really have no idea what happened in the book. And then at the age of 26 you pick it up again and read it and think, holy s*@t, that's what he was talking about?! Well, it wasn't exactly like that with MM since it had only been a mere 12 months or so since watching last, but still, I could tell that growth had happened in me... and it made me look at MM differently. Some examples (only MM watchers will really know what I am talking about here...):

Betty and Don's relationship. This time around, by the end of season 2, I really think Betty should have tried harder to make things work. But I guess any relationship will pull back together when a nuclear crisis is happening.

Peggy. Feminism at its finest. Is it weird to say that she reminds of my biological mother (or at least, what I imagine her to be)? Eek. Well, my bio mom was around Peggy's age when she gave me up for adoption and I always found that strange because it's not like she was a teen mom or something. Here's to hoping my bio mom is like Peggy - a fierce businesswoman.

Civil Rights Movement. So much good stuff in the show about this. It is so hidden in the background... so perfectly expressed... Season two when Betty visits her fathers home only to be embraced by her African American nanny... so much history.

Lucky for you all four season of MM are on Netflix INSTANT PLAY(!) right now. So leave my blog and start watching!

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