Saturday, March 10, 2012


Apparently I made up this word - "linkage" - years ago to title my blogs that "link" you to other cool stories and happenings around the world. I am happy that I remembered this because the linking of other blogs and news stories is a big trend on blogs today and I am jumping on this bandwagon (though I have been on it forever, apparently). Most bloggers publish their links on Sundays, so obviously I want to rebel against that. I am thinking Saturday mornings will be good to try, so here we go.

John Dunne's post about rethinking his views on Amillennialism. This is a must read!

Invisible Children's new campaign to bring attention to Joseph Kony. Check this out!


Protestors march for 4 days from Berkeley to Sacramento to take a stand for affordable education in America.

Health Care
Washington Post article from Ezra Klein comparing health care costs of Americans Vs. the French.

Dr. Erik Thoennes from my Alma Mater, BIOLA University, goes on TV to talk about Tim Tebow.

Erik Thoennes on Tim Tebow from Grace EV Free on Vimeo.

The Hunger Games
The Hunger Games is coming out in a few weekend and I am not sure if I am more excited about the movie or the soundtrack. Here is a short interview with Win Butler from Arcade Fire talking about his songs - favorite part(!): telling us his work is inspired by Radiohead's contribution to the Romeo and Juliet soundtrack with the track "Exit Music (for a film)". I am obsessed with "Exit Music (for a film)". And another article listing the full lineup for the soundtrack, this includes tracks from: The Decemberists, Taylor Swift, The Civil Wars and (of course) Arcade Fire.

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