Sunday, August 8, 2010

"Friday Night Lights"

"Friday Night Lights" is the best show.

The entire series has been great, though if you compare season 1 to this last season (4), it will almost be like watching two completely different television shows. The first three seasons are fun, sexy, and cool, as they represent a small little rich football town, while telling stories of football players and cheerleaders. There are good solid stories as the show is based off of a very popular book - "Friday Night Lights".

By the end of the third season, there really is no more story to tell, and rumor had it that the show was going off the air. I was devastated. But they brought it back in all its glory, yet in a very different way.

Not to give too much away, I will be brief:

Season 4 highlighted a not so rich football team and surrounding characters (some new, some old). I didn't know what to think at first, as the stories were incredibly serious. But the show turned into more than just a mind-numbing waste of time, and developed into an hour of captivating, and thought provoking entertainment. Issues of poverty, justice, gangs, pregnancy and abortion, religion, love, racism, losses of a job, being forced to break laws to make a living in this day and age, charity work, life, death, and so much more.

The best part of season 4 is that the acting was phenomenal. There is one episode where the character "Matt Saracen" gave the performance of a lifetime. Character "Vince Howard" is a force each and every episode. "Tim Riggins" is a returning 4 season veteran who just blew me away in the season finale. Also want to mention character "Landry Clarke" who also does a great job, and was also in "Varsity Blues", another fun football movie. Finally, characters "Eric and Tami Taylor" just carry this show each and every episode.

I hear that all seasons are on instant play with Netflix right now, so you could start at the beginning, but just because this season was so different, you could really just pick up at season 4 when they all come out on I definitely recommend.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Well, it's that time again - BIRTHDAY TIME!

I am officially waaay over the 25 hill, and so that means that basically it's all downhill from here. No more exciting milestones. Every birthday will be a tad depressing. If I marry anytime after now, people will secretly whisper, "Whew, that was a close one...".

As teenagers seem to be getting younger and younger these days, I officially feel like the old person that they fear to be. I have also started wearing 70 spf sunscreen on my face while moisturizing twice a day, plus putting on a little eye wrinkle cream, just to ensure I stay young looking as long as possible. No sunlight will ever hit this face again. Tonight I just found out that one of my roommates is 22, so that was a punch to the stomach.

Anyway, enough about me.... well, not really, it's my birthday, so it's all about me.

Here are my 27 goals for my 27th year of life!

#1 - Grow closer to the Lord (a given...)

#2 - Travel some of Europe (a goal that will be posted every year until I make it there)...

#3 - Do stand up comedy in a club (ya, I just thought of this the other day and deemed it a good idea)...

#4 - Get settled and satisfied in a church...

#5 - Visit the Knaup's in DC...

#6 - Visit Erin in Colorado (just so I can for sure accomplish one...)

#7 - Dominate the GRE...

#8 - Get into a really great MSW program, and/or figure out what the heck I am doing in that area...

#9 - Go on date's with my sisters...

#10 -

#11 - Plan and execute a HUGE family Thanksgiving at my house...

#12 - Read 75% of the books that are already on my bookshelf, that have never been read

#13 -

#14 -

#15 - keep it real...

#16 -

#17 - Watch more movies...

#18 - Go on a reeeally stellar road trip...

#19 - Watch "The Union Line" make it to the Billboard Top 40...

#20 - Write more...

#21 -

#22 - Pray more

#23 - Visit Maritza in Seattle...

#24 -

#25 -

#26 -

#27 -

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ya, it's pretty much all about me...

Last year on my 25th BDAY, I made of list of goals for the next year. I am lovin' that I did this, because it is so fun to see how things have progressed. So today I will see how I did, and then tomorrow I will post my new year's goals. :)

#1 - Grow closer to the Lord (a given...) - Definitely happened! In new and unique ways!

#2 - Travel some of Europe - Still hasn't happened... boo.

#3 - Hang with the fam more - I rocked this goal of mine! Feeling closer to the fam than ever before!

#4 - Get involved in a really good home group - Also didn't happen, but I DID try...

#5 - Do something that I am really scared of (and ya, I already know what this is...) - Done and DONE!!!

#6 - Learn how to cook better - Well, I learned more of my mother's recipe's...

#7 - Be more encouraging - I think I did reeeally well with this one :)

#8 - Explore areas of California I have never seen before - Ummm, I went to Berkeley for the first time - it's beautiful there.

#9 - - fail, fail, fail.

#10 - Disciple more, and BE discipled, more - well, I was discipled more...

#11 - Not to miss, the one thing, that was missing, from my 26th birthday - ACCOMPLISHED!

#12 - Read 75% of the books that are already on my bookshelf, that have never been read - This is for year 27...

#13 - STILL be driving my car! - Failed. Got a new ride - Toyota Corolla

#14 - Visit Erin in Colorado - I am going in 2 weeks!!!

#15 - be.more.real - it feels great to be more real... never stopping that one.

#16 - blog more - major fail. but this next year looks veeeery promising...

#17 - Watch all 10 seasons of "Friends" - If I would have remembered this one I would have made it happen! I am in season 9! Gah!

#18 - Take my mom to NYC (and see Jon Stewart live) - I had tickets to Jon Stewart, but never made it there so I had to cancel them. Sigh.

#19 - Use my Disneyland pass A LOT - Majorly failed, and not renewing that ish.

#20 - Get rid of more of my things I don't need - Trying. It's a work in progress.

#21 - Buy a camera (mine broke) - Ha. I am still satisfied with my iPhone cam.

#22 - Pray more - Always a goal of mine...

#23 - Listen more - For SURE did this, and loving it!

#24 - Finish the bible study I am writing - Uhhh, negatory.

#25 - Spend more time with my friends - YUP!

#26 - FIGURE OUT MY LIFE! ;) - Well, I am kind of there, but kind of not...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

work work work


Perpetually frustrated is more like it. Why can't things ever just be easy?

The job market has not been kind to me lately, as things have taken a turn for the worst in the medical field. People are unemployed, and therefore have no insurance, and therefore do not see doctors, and therefore do not come to hospitals. This, in turn, has caused a great decrease in patients at the ICU I am so lucky to "work" for. While our ICU usually holds anywhere between 22 to 34 patients, we have been hitting all time low numbers of EIGHT.


8888 8888

When this happens, I receive phone calls at 5am on the day I am supposed to work saying, "Don't come in, we don't need you." While this makes me feel a little insecure, usually the thought going through any sane persons mind would be - "Whooooopi!!!! I don't have to work today!!!!!!"

But when the "at home" days outweigh the working days, and all your PTO (paid time off) is gone, the word "Whoopi" is not something that goes through a persons mind. It's more like a word that starts with an "S", ends with a "T", and has an "HI" in the middle of it, that is going through my mind.

SO here I am. Carrie Allen. Started working when I was 15 years old at a bagel shop, and moved myself all the way up the ladder (of nothing really), to get to this point. All I do is WORK. Work work work. I worked 2 jobs through community college, worked through Biola, worked through graduate school. I have never taken a break. I have literally never had more than 2 weeks off of work. I have never traveled to Europe for months on end... I have never even traveled to friggin' Europe! I haven't done a lot of things, because my whole life has been about working hard. And even now, all I want to do is just study for the GRE, take it, and finish some kind of graduate school. But noooo, life had to throw this in the mix.

Well I am tired of it. I got bitter, and angry... for like a day. And then I realized, wait, if I have been working all of this time, then I have a "pot". Oh no you naughty thang, not that kind of "pot", but the kind us Obama lovers like to bring up all the time - an unemployment pot. For the past 12 years it has been getting filled up with MY money, and now it's my time to take some back for the team!

So what am I going to do the rest of the summer? Well, I am not going to Europe, but I am going to lay by the pool a lot and sleep in... live off the pennies of an unemployment check, and maybe a part-time job at Starbucks. Yup, that's what I will do...