Sunday, July 4, 2010

Nail in a Tire.

I have the worse trouble with cars.

Every single time I have extra money, something goes wrong. So now, I plan for it. I had worked a bunch of over time and I knew my paycheck was going to be significantly larger than normal, and so I planned to get new tires (booooring). I am taking a trip up north for my birthday in August, and I knew that 2 of my tires were not in the best shape.

But you all know how it is - once the money is in the bank, the LAST thing you want to buy is tires. So, the plan was to procrastinate. Telling myself how I could make it 14 hours round trip with unhealthy tires. God had other plans...

God basically just came down from the sky, put a nail in my tire, and led me off of the freeway safely. First off, the nail was in one of the hurt tires, so I don't have to get 3 replaced. Second, now I am forced to get new tires for the safety of myself and my friends. Third, God had it pop right by a police station so I had somewhere of a nice place to park and wait for the AAA guy (I don't think God had planned for the drunk guy who wanted to be my boyfriend, and said if the tow truck guy never came, he could have fixed my tire)... but I was still safe.

I have never been more calm about a popped tire in my life, because I just knew it was... right.

And even when the drunk guy kept asking me where "my man was to help me", I finally said, "I can take care of myself." To which he replied, "Ohhhh guuurllll, you like a Beyonce independent woman or somethin' or whaaaat?" "Exactly", I replied. "A Beyonce Independent women is what I am."