Sunday, May 9, 2010

Celebrating Mom.

Aren't mothers wonderful?

My mom is pretty amazing (to say the least). When I was 1 month, my parents brought me home (... adopted). Apparently I never wore the same outfit twice for many years, and have the pictures to prove it.

When I was a two-year old screaming and crying in church (like usual apparently), some guy told my mom that his daughter did the same thing, and now she's a nun. The devils at work even when you're a baby.

My mom bought Disneyland passes for me and my friends when I was 5, and picked us up from school and took us there... a lot.

When I was 7, God gave my mom a natural child. It was a miracle. She was 41, and had never been able to great pregnant.

When I was 9, my mom decided to try fertility treatments and had twins.

Now there were 4.

When my dad acted not so great at the age of 12, my mom made him his favorite dinner.

When I got suspended from school when I was 13, my mom didn't ground me because I had straight A's. If only that would have motivated me...

When I was 14, my mom reminded me that if I ever got pregnant, I could come to her, and she would never abandon me.

When I was 16, I lied a big lie. My mom covered for me.

For my senior prom, my mom came up with the idea of my entire family leaving the house, while I had a raging after party.

My mom believed in Jesus, even when I hated God. Now we both have faith through Jesus.

When I turned 18, I became too cool for my mom. Didn't really want to spend time with my mom.

And yet, she got me a job, paid for my college, paid for a lot of things really, bought me new tires when they popped, brought me flowers on Valentines day, cooked me dinner every night, took my side with everything, worked her butt off, and always reminded me that she loved me.

Now that I am older, and I can see the world for what it is, I have realized that not a lot of people are as lucky as me to have a mother like I do. Or even, have a mother. Even my mother lost her mother when she was 19. I can't imagine how much my mother must have hurt. My mom is so strong.

People ask me all the time, "Don't you want to meet your birth parents"? When I say "no", people are always surprised. You may wonder why. Well, I don't like to be disappointed, and I know that whoever my birth mother is, could never live up to the woman who has MY mother all these years. I am thankful for my birth mother's selfless act, and I hope that a bit of her compassion and dignity rubbed off on me in the womb, but I have no connection to her. MY mother is who I am bound with.

My mother is the one person on this earth who I know will never forsake me. This is love. So much love. It blows my mind when Jesus tells us to love strangers with that same love, because in my head I think - only a mother could do that.

I am so thankful for what my mother has done for me, and continues to do today. And every single day, I thank God for giving us one more day together.


Anonymous said...

AWESOME!! That gave me goosebumps. What a great example your mom is of unconditional love.
Isn't adoption an amazing gift!

Alicia Miller said...

That is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Hope everything is going well with you.

John & Maureen Dunn

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed this.