Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Sweet Things in Life...

I know that life can be incredibly difficult at times, but I also know that there are sweet sweet times to cherish as well. The older I get, the rougher it gets, so the sweet times come in the big and small things.

  • Getting straight A's in grad school (oh, so sweet!)
  • Spending time in hopes to help stop human trafficking
  • Watching this new show called "Parenthood" - it makes me cry, and my heart go pitter patter (it's based off my FAVORITE movie of all time - "Parenthood"; the stories are stellar, and the music selection is magical)
  • Hearing that my aunt's cancer is g.o.n.e. after her first session of chemo
  • Europe in the fall with my mama
  • Thanking God for many friendships, but at this moment in time - sustaining my relationships with Cam, Tita, and B
  • Reading amazing blog posts written by my good friend, Matt
  • NPR
  • All the blessings that my job brings
  • The joy of just "taking a break"
  • Amazon's - buy 3 books get one free
  • Erin Bowen
  • Wonderful family
  • Living close to the beach
  • Rock Harbor - starting in a life group soon
  • And of course, the one constant - Jesus Christ

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Frank And Lela said...

So good to hear about your Aunt! I was just wondering about her yesterday!

Going to Europe!??!?!? Tell me you are hitting Spain! It will be worth it...