Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I briefly already said it, but I have to remind you all - I LOVE THIS SHOW.

The writing is phenomenal, and the acting is brilliant. The stories are amazing, and the warmth my heart feels after watching each and every episode is magnificent.

To top it off - the music selection is superb, as the last episode played selections from amazing bands such as - Spoon, and Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah (what?!). Throughout the season we have had Amos Lee, Peter Bjorn and John, Iron and Wine, Wilco, Grizzly Bear, and Bob Dylan. TV is made so much better when during a great moment, one of the greatest artists in history starts singing.

Parenthood is not strictly a comedy or a drama, but it is an hour-long late night show that tells you the stories of LIFE. It is based off of (my favorite movie of all time, no joke) "Parenthood", a very popular movie from the 80's, with Steve Martin.

For more info, or to watch for free - click here. It'll make your heart warm and fuzzy.

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Joelle said...

Carrie, I have fallen in love with this show too; I cry almost every episode - and I certainly laugh. The family is just so charming and the stories are indeed heartwarming.