Sunday, April 18, 2010

We MUST be honest with ourselves and realize where the money went from the bank bailouts. Michael Moore will help you understand this.

Let me be completely honest here - I am a huge fan of Michael Moore, but I hadn't seen his new movie on capitalism until today. Call it a conspiracy, call it an result of the recession, but Moore's movie could not be found on netflix or in Blockbuster until RECENTLY, which is crazy to me because it was released SO long ago.

Alright, SO, I finally got a hold of a copy of the documentary and watched it tonight, and I am seriously so incredibly shocked right now.

I have a fair amount of education in the area of economics, recent bank bailouts, health care reform etc. etc. And I am telling YOU - democrat and republicans ALL to blame - YOU, as an American Citizen, need to watch this film.

I know that a lot of you think that Moore leans left throughout his entire films, but I am telling you, this is NOT the case for this film. Moore exposes the wrongs of both democrats and republicans, for their deals with big business. The interviews Moore has with HIGH HIGH HIGH people in these areas, and old tapes of former presidents are shocking. SHOCKING.

I know I can usually be more leftist (because I am), but please just forget about that for a moment and watch this movie. I have it, I will come over and watch it with you.

I also want to be clear that Moore doesn't attack capitalism - he attacks the bail outs. It's true, he explains capitalism, and shows the affects of capitalism (or the recession and bank bailouts), but he doesn't try to make you a socialist the whole time, he just presents the info. Then you decide what to do with it.


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