Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I briefly already said it, but I have to remind you all - I LOVE THIS SHOW.

The writing is phenomenal, and the acting is brilliant. The stories are amazing, and the warmth my heart feels after watching each and every episode is magnificent.

To top it off - the music selection is superb, as the last episode played selections from amazing bands such as - Spoon, and Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah (what?!). Throughout the season we have had Amos Lee, Peter Bjorn and John, Iron and Wine, Wilco, Grizzly Bear, and Bob Dylan. TV is made so much better when during a great moment, one of the greatest artists in history starts singing.

Parenthood is not strictly a comedy or a drama, but it is an hour-long late night show that tells you the stories of LIFE. It is based off of (my favorite movie of all time, no joke) "Parenthood", a very popular movie from the 80's, with Steve Martin.

For more info, or to watch for free - click here. It'll make your heart warm and fuzzy.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

We MUST be honest with ourselves and realize where the money went from the bank bailouts. Michael Moore will help you understand this.

Let me be completely honest here - I am a huge fan of Michael Moore, but I hadn't seen his new movie on capitalism until today. Call it a conspiracy, call it an result of the recession, but Moore's movie could not be found on netflix or in Blockbuster until RECENTLY, which is crazy to me because it was released SO long ago.

Alright, SO, I finally got a hold of a copy of the documentary and watched it tonight, and I am seriously so incredibly shocked right now.

I have a fair amount of education in the area of economics, recent bank bailouts, health care reform etc. etc. And I am telling YOU - democrat and republicans ALL to blame - YOU, as an American Citizen, need to watch this film.

I know that a lot of you think that Moore leans left throughout his entire films, but I am telling you, this is NOT the case for this film. Moore exposes the wrongs of both democrats and republicans, for their deals with big business. The interviews Moore has with HIGH HIGH HIGH people in these areas, and old tapes of former presidents are shocking. SHOCKING.

I know I can usually be more leftist (because I am), but please just forget about that for a moment and watch this movie. I have it, I will come over and watch it with you.

I also want to be clear that Moore doesn't attack capitalism - he attacks the bail outs. It's true, he explains capitalism, and shows the affects of capitalism (or the recession and bank bailouts), but he doesn't try to make you a socialist the whole time, he just presents the info. Then you decide what to do with it.


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sex Trafficking in Orange County

This past week/weekend I had the immense privilege of helping/attending a wonderful fundraiser event for a non-profit organization called, "iSanctuary". This organization was dreamed up, and started by a young girl named Stephanie, who now lives full-time in India. Stephanie has started a jewelry making business, and she employs women who have been rescued from sex trafficking. The jewelry is fabulous, the women are paid great wages for the work that they do. The fundraising event was specifically held because they are trying to raise money to start an Orange County office. Some may think that is silly, as sex trafficking does not happen in the United States, but unfortunately this is not the case.

Sex trafficking is rampant not only throughout the world, but all through the United States as well. It's hard to know exact number, but the estimates for trafficked children in the US is somewhere between 100,000 and 300,000. Most women and children who are trafficked, have been promised a better life in the States through working at restaurants or clothing stores, and realize that they are in trouble when it is too late.

Have you ever read through a newspaper, or an "OC Weekly" and skimmed through the ads in the back? The ads where is shows a young Asian girl offering massages? Those places are sex trafficking places. The women who work in those parlors are there against their own will, and have no way of escaping. It is so disgusting to me that we even have this problem, as men take up these offers of sexual interaction.

Right here in our own backyards this is happening.

So I am asking you to pray. There are many different Orange County organizations that are trying to (1) Fight against trafficking, and (2) Place the women into rehabilitation programs. The problem is - they are not working together. The one thing that really struck me in my homelessness class last quarter, was that people working in the areas of homelessness were not receiving enough money until they were working together to write their grant requests, etc. The same kind of comradery needs to happen within the sex trafficking in Orange County, and Southern California on a whole. And most importantly, awareness needs to continue to be raised, as we fight this local battle.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Sweet Things in Life...

I know that life can be incredibly difficult at times, but I also know that there are sweet sweet times to cherish as well. The older I get, the rougher it gets, so the sweet times come in the big and small things.

  • Getting straight A's in grad school (oh, so sweet!)
  • Spending time in hopes to help stop human trafficking
  • Watching this new show called "Parenthood" - it makes me cry, and my heart go pitter patter (it's based off my FAVORITE movie of all time - "Parenthood"; the stories are stellar, and the music selection is magical)
  • Hearing that my aunt's cancer is g.o.n.e. after her first session of chemo
  • Europe in the fall with my mama
  • Thanking God for many friendships, but at this moment in time - sustaining my relationships with Cam, Tita, and B
  • Reading amazing blog posts written by my good friend, Matt
  • NPR
  • All the blessings that my job brings
  • The joy of just "taking a break"
  • Amazon's - buy 3 books get one free
  • Erin Bowen
  • Wonderful family
  • Living close to the beach
  • Rock Harbor - starting in a life group soon
  • And of course, the one constant - Jesus Christ

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


I was out shopping the other day and I found myself running into two very peculiar things.

#1 - The Ultimate Coke Machine

This machine is outta controoool! I found it at the Rubio's in Tustin, and basically you can pick from over 100 drinks! So when I rolled up to the machine, I was ecstatic to find DIET sprite (which you can never find in a machine), but even THEN, when I clicked on the "diet sprite" option, it said I could have - "diet cherry sprite", "diet raspberry sprite", diet orange sprite"... seriously, there were SEVEN different kinds of diet sprite! Whaaaat?! It was purely amazing.

#2 - CVS Coupon finally paid off...

This one is especially for Simone because we always rant on about CVS coupons. But look at this little gem they gave me the other day - $8.50! I thought there was a catch - like $8.50 off a $2,000 purchase. But no, the guy said to me, "It's just like money, spend it however you like..." Ah yes, music to my sweet little ears...