Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Shake it, come on shake shake it...

There have been quite a few earthquakers over here in the OC lately. Well, not exactly hitting the OC, but near the OC. 

For both of the recent ones, I was in my room, on the second floor of my townhome, sitting on my bed. During the first one I was awakened from my sleep, and all I could think of was - "Woooo, this is kind of like a Disneyland ride." Yes, I was still half asleep, but I was definitely feeling the rolling. 

For last nights quaker, I literally thought a car had crashed into my home. The quake was loud (though I don't remember earthquakes making noises... they do), and it was a little scary. My whole room was shaking pretty hard, and as I sat there and pondered whether or not this was the "big one" or not, I still didn't move an inch. I was also too lazy to investigate the whole car crashing deal, and was even too lazy to search for news on the internet. So instead, I went to facebook, and posted my thoughts in hopes that someone else would do the research for me, and they did, and I was lead to this article

In the OC Register article, they said that the OC felt the quake as "mild". My thoughts on this were - if the quake is ever "severe" in Aliso Viejo, this house is going down. Hopefully there will be no more earthquakes until February, as I will already be moved in to my new place in Fullerton. 

Stay strong. Stay steady. And stay sexy. 

======couldn't think of another "s" word. 

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