Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Fight On.

Well you know me, always moving on to the next "best thing". Though my graduation from Fuller is still over a year away, my studies up until now have inspired me to move further in the same direction that I constantly am taking one step forward, and two steps back, in. 

As I mentioned before, one of my assignments this quarter is to write a new public policy for Pasadena. I have never been so excited for something in my whole life. It's all I think about, and research on the internet. We have also talked a lot about social work. How I have avoided this profession for so long, I honestly don't know, but I think it's time to start seriously considering it. As I dream of writing public policies for social programs, and changing the world, I am led to many degree programs that are 3-year long Masters of Public Policy and Social Work. Though my increasing age is the scary part, the possibility of stepping into this field is thrilling. 

At this point, my main choice would be UCLA. The location is great, the price is right, and the dual degree program is brilliant. The more and more I look into programs (and my heart desires to stay in California at this time), UCLA seems to be the one. Of course I would apply to other schools as a backup, but UCLA's program seems fantastic. 

But there is a problem. 

It's UCLA. 

I swear to you, from the beginning of my life until now, I have been brainwashed by my father to love, and only love, USC. And to hate, UCLA. Could it be that the biggest dream of my life (attending a college with a football team) could be fulfilled with a team that I have hated for 26 years? Why must USC's tuition be $40,000 per year? 

Though this post might sound like I am being silly, I am actually being really serious. I am haunted by this. I always swore up and down, that I would never, ever, apply to UCLA. 

Can my hate be overcome? Will I be able to attend UCLA, and attend every single football game, except when they play USC (I will just sleep through that whole day, and act like it's not happening). Will I be able to raise MY own children to love USC, though I have attended UCLA? 

So anyway, social work... public policy. What do you think? (But most importantly, what do you think about this football dilemma?)....


Anonymous said...

Girl, you are way to smart to be thinking about ditching a school because of it's football team.

I mean that in a nice way! ;)

Go to UCLA. Seriously. I can't even believe you are having a dilemma. I'll be the first one to say it!!

<3 Jessie

Simone Knepper said...

MORE school???

Carrie said...

Haha, thanks Jessie. You're a great friend. :)

Simone, I need a career. ;)

J. R. Daniel Kirk said...


Jessie's right. As someone who not only transferred from one ACC school to another (Wake Forest to UNC), but then went from an undergrad at Chapel Hill to a PhD at Duke I can attest to two things: (1) you can survive at, and it doesn't make you a traitor to go to, the huge rival; and (2) grad school's about what's best for your career, stuff all that loyalty stuff. :)

Carrie said...

Ahaha, so you KNOW my pain Dr. Kirk. Thanks for the advice... though, I want to know you who root for now?.... ;)

c.c. said...

okay, everybody's right, grad school totally doesn't count as much in the school spirit department. that said, even if somebody told me i could go to USC for FREE, it would take me a bit to talk some sense into myself and go. i sympathize with the irrational loyalty.

p.s. UCLA just got the #7 football recruiting class in the nation this year. you'll be doing the 8-clap in no time.

Carrie said...

the clap is what i am scared of... (that definitely sounds bad to healthcare professionals...)