Monday, December 28, 2009

School is for the Cool kids. 

I am excited for school to start again! 

Though I am really nervous about the intensity of the work, I am SO excited to actually be attending Fuller IN Pasadena, and I am also super excited about the courses I am taking. 

Drumroll please...

>>>Politics and Policy: How to Make a Difference In Your Community
>>>Globalization, The Poor, and The Christian Mission
>>>Homelessness, Congregations, and Community Partnerships

Did I mention that I changed my emphasis to Christian Ethics?


I picked up the homelessness class at the last moment because I wasn't able to get into medieval church history, but it's kind of a blessing because the expert of experts on medieval history is teaching in the spring quarter, so I will take it then. 

Also, SUPER excited about the fact that in my homelessness class, we are required to read a book written by the prof who teaches my globalization class, and who is also a VP of World Vision. Ah! So incredibly exciting. The globalization class seems ridiculously difficult, as I have 2 books and a (long) journal article to read before the class actually starts, and then from there I have about 1800 pages to master (says the syllabus), and many many assignments. Everything seems to go through the TA, and I think that the VP is literally only there to teach, and not even read our papers, but that makes me feel like a real grad student, so hooray! ;)

God has also provided in timing my courses to revolve around bad traffic times. I feel really blessed. 

Finally, I have a feeling I will be having no life for the next 10 weeks. I want to get straight A's, and I am going to work hard to do it. So just remember that you are loved by me...

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