Sunday, December 27, 2009

A New Year.

It's almost 2010, and a new year always brings a time of reevaluation upon one's life. Blythe gave me a good idea awhile ago, in saying that at the half way point of my birthday, I should see how many of my birthday year goals I have achieved. Well, the half way point is February 6th, but I figure now is a better time because I really feel that 2010 will be a very significant new season in my life.

Between grad school, lots of good friends moving away, new jobs, new cars, new house, and a new church, my life has dramatically changed in 2009. Now that I am getting comfortable in my new shoes, I think it's a good time to reflect on what was happening in my head in August of 2009, but also how some other goals may have been added...

#1 - Grow closer to the Lord (a given...) - This #1 goal of mine has definitely been fulfilled, and continues to be fulfilled. I learned A LOT of valuable life lessons in 2009, and in particular, I want to thank the Lord for instilling in me more patience and self control (two "fruits" that I have been praying for).
#2 - Travel some of Europe - This is still a major life goal of mine. My real goal was to make it to Europe in the summer of 2010, but I think instead I am planning on an East Coast trip. Maybe 2011 will be my Europe year.
#3 - Hang with the fam more - This one is crazy to me, because it has definitely happened. I can really see myself moving out of the "I am too cool to hang with my parents" phase, and moving into the, "I love hanging out with my parents" phase. I am blessed by my family's faithfulness to me, and I am constantly reminded of those who are fatherless and motherless. I pray for them, and I am challenged by them.
#4 - Get involved in a really good home group - This goal will definitely be accomplished by my birthday in 2010, as I am getting involved in Rock Harbor Fullerton, and I am SO excited about it.
#5 - Do something that I am really scared of (and ya, I already know what this is...) - Still in the process...
#6 - Learn how to cook better - I still totally suck, but I got 2 more cookbooks for Christmas!
#7 - Be more encouraging - Still trying. Before I speak, I always try to think about what is coming out of my mouth just to make sure that it's encouraging. I also try to notice when hair color changes etc., so I can say something nice to (hopefully) make a persons day better.
#8 - Explore areas of California I have never seen before - A constant goal, as I grow in my love for California.
#9 - - Well, I was forced to do this through school... ;)
#10 - Disciple more, and BE discipled, more - I have just joined the college mentor program at Rock Harbor. My training is coming up in a couple weeks, and I look forward to being able to help college students grow in Christ, as they try and figure out their lives.
#11 - Not to miss, the one thing, that was missing, from my 26th birthday - I am so close, it's not even funny.
#12 - Read 75% of the books that are already on my bookshelf, that have never been read - Ya, this is never gunna happen.
#13 - STILL be driving my car! - Ahaha, well I didn't even make it 3 months after my birthday for this goal, but I am LOVING my new (reliable) Toyota Corolla.
#14 - Visit Erin in Colorado - Hopefully this spring!!
#15 - be.more.real - I am maybe too real at times nowadays.
#16 - blog more - Meh.
#17 - Watch all 10 seasons of "Friends" - I am on season 9...
#18 - Take my mom to NYC (and see Jon Stewart live) - Still a huge goal of mine to take my mom to NYC.
#19 - Use my Disneyland pass A LOT - Total fail. Hopefully I have time to redeem this one before it expires.
#20 - Get rid of more of my things I don't need - Still a work in progress.
#21 - Buy a camera (mine broke) - I have my iPhone...
#22 - Pray more - Talking counts, right?
#23 - Listen more - Trying...
#24 - Finish the bible study I am writing - Now I want to write a book, soooo...
#25 - Spend more time with my friends - Still want to really work on this.
#26 - FIGURE OUT MY LIFE! ;) -

And some new ones to check out at 2011...

#1 - Decide what direction I am going in my education.
#2 - Make it a financial goal to be more well traveled in the next 4 years.
#3 - Move north to be closer to Pasadena.
#4 - Stick to my healthy lifestyle.
#5 - Keep my car and room clean.
#6 - Really be able to grasp and learn, what I am studying in grad school.

Happy New Year!

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