Saturday, December 19, 2009

Love Deeply.


I had a rough week. 

Hearing the news of a young Biola Alum. who died of the swine flu, and a young mother who died of cancer, was difficult. 

And then I had to go to work. 

Sometimes at work, for 12 hours, I have to just listen to people cry and cry. 

It's heartbreaking. 

It's so crazy to me how our bodies can just shut.down. And what's even more bizarre is the way that it happens. It's either your brain, or all of your other organs. So when it's your brain that is dead, everything else in you can work just fine, and this is where organ donation comes from. And in other cases, your brain is just fine, but your liver, kidneys, heart etc., are all shutting down. 

What's worse?

Because when your brain is dead, then the person is really not there. But when it's your organs, at least you are still somewhat with it alongside your family members. 

So, sometimes you get a goodbye...

and sometimes you don't.


I say all of this because it is so apparent to me how short life is This can get really heavy after awhile, but it also makes me extremely honest (though I wish I were more honest). 

I know it seems so out of reach sometimes to fathom losing a parent, sibling, or spouse, but I watch it happen to families all the time. So I have a few things to say:

>>>Love deeply. 

>>>Cherish every moment. 

>>>Do not leave if you're angry. 

>>>Put all of your hope and faith in Christ. 

>>>Love deeply

Justin Key, the young Biola Alum (25 yrs.) who died last week, had his whole life in front of him. It was a truly tragic event. I mourn alongside his family and friends. One of his very good friends posted a note on her relationship with him, and it really got to me. Their friendship was so beautiful, and honest, and from the way she wrote, I really felt that he had no doubt of how much she cared for him. This made my heart feel good. 

Tell them that you love them. 

My 2010 resolution is to tell people how much I care about them. For girls, it will be an "I love you". And for boys (just to keep things not so weird), it will be a, "hey, I care for you a lot". This will mean, "I love you". ;)

The thing I hear the most in the hospital is, "I wish I could just tell him/her that I love him... because I do, but I never said it."

I don't want that to be me. 

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