Sunday, November 1, 2009

Interesting Sunday Morning Paper

This morning I woke up (with a headache), which was exacerbated by this headline:

Click on the headline for the OC Register article about how Life Church took over Kingsfield Church. You can see pictures too. 

Oh ya, haha, this is my faaaaavorite (sarcastic voice now) paragraph in the whole article:

"I thought of Rick and realized he was a fourth generation's preacher's kid that was enough," said Munsey. "If I never built a massive church – what I did counted. Rick could have never been what he is without his father and grandfather. I had a sense of dignity. It didn't matter if I became like Rick. I respect Rick Warren more than any other minister I've met in my life."

Read the full article for context, but seriously, what the hell? I literally spit out my coffee, and used the word "hell".

"If I never built a massive church..." 

You've gotta be freaking kidding me right now. 

Maybe that building is... dare I say it... cursed?