Monday, November 2, 2009

The Halloween Hangover...

So, I totally fell off the diet bandwagon over Halloween Weekend, and filled up my system with the bad carbs and sugars that I have been so intensely ignoring. But don't worry, I am back to healthy living again!

That's right, I am involved in a (*cough* diet) lifestyle change.

No, but seriously, it is a lifestyle change. It's a lifestyle change, because it's much more than just not eating bad things... it's like, hey, my whole life is changing. ;)

This past year has been... well, interesting to say the least, and a very very very difficult one. In the process of dealing with mass amounts of difficulties, I was not really motivated to do anything, and so with the help of my old age, the pounds started to pack on.

But about a month ago, I was like, ummm, what the heck am I doing right now? Maybe one day I would want to be on Amazing Race, and if I was, I would not win because I could not run that much. So with the encouragement of the Amazing Race, and the fact that I felt like crap all the time, I went to the bookstore and I bought "The South Beach Diet" book (recommended by my amaaazing doctor - Dr. Stephanie Hawkins). I read it, and I was shocked, amazed, and way more educated about the glycemic index. The index makes so much sense about why I felt crappy all the time, and craved bad foods after eating bad foods, so I went full force into the whole South Beach Plan.

The first two weeks you have to eat NO CARBS. This was a little crazy. It is definitely similar to the Atkins diet, and it is to hopefully detox you away from all the bad carbs you have been eating. By the end of my time, I seriously couldn't look at another salad. Plus, I can't cook, so you should have seen me try to cook salmon... chicken... turkey burgers... you name it, I ruined it. So I ate a lot of lean turkey meat. Luckily, I loove eggs, so I would just eat eggs all the time (and still do).

Now that I am past the two week period, I can introduce healthy carbs into my life. So a typical day for me looks like this:

7am - Greek yogurt (sooo much protein in that little thing!)

9am - Two hard broiled eggs

12pm - Either a turkey sandwich on one piece of whole wheat/grain bread, or some kind of salad. A low fat string cheese, and 10 almonds (so fun, huh?)

3 or 4pm - Probably another string cheese, or some turkey wrapped up in lettuce, or sometimes I treat myself with a fruit (berries, banana, or apple).

7pm - Usually a lean cuisine (they make them with whole wheat rice now, so good), and maybe some salad, or some kind of veggie.


9pm - 2 or 3 days a week I will have a soy ice cream sandwich from Trader's. They are like 90 calories, and super yummy.

The hardest thing right now (believe it or not) is the fact that I am sometimes not eating enough calories. Sometimes it's hard to keep eating because I am actually full, so I might try to implement some protein bars in the mix in the near future as I intensify my workouts, though they are a lot of carbs, so I am not sure. If you know anything about this, let me know. I think I will send this blog to Darci. :)

Anyway, I have another secret blog that I have been keeping about my weight loss, and I want to publish it at the end of my success story for encouragement to others. But for now, I want to give myself more accountability by posting this here. I have already lost a lot of weight, and I feel really great. My pants are literally falling off me right now, and I think in another couple of weeks, I will definitely go down a size. :)

But other than encouraging weight loss, I also want to encourage people to check out this whole glycemic index stuff. Even if you're skinny, but you eat bad foods, you will probably not feel so well because your food is not digesting slow enough. I am no expert or anything though, just throwing it out there.

Also, shout out to Tatum, because even though I don't see her anymore, I watched her eat food for 6 years. And anytime I am at a loss for what to eat, I think to myself - "What would Tatum eat"? And that's what I get. ;)

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout out Carrie! Maybe you could make a WWTE bracelet to wear!:) Miss ya! Tatum