Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pig Fears

My own eyes have seen multiple people die from Swine Flu (H1N1).

These own hands have been washed multiple time throughout the day to try and avoid catching it from all of the people around me who have it. 

SO many people have the swine flu. 

And while the Swine is not usually deadly, it DOES indeed make you very sick, for a couple of weeks.  

Today at work, my director started walking around handing out forms that we had to fill out and sign, stating whether or not we wanted the H1N1 vaccine. I'll be honest, 2/3'rd's of the people want it, and the rest don't. It's scary. I really hate taking any kind of vaccine, and I have NEVER taken a flu shot until this year. I am not sure what made me even want to take the flu shot... I guess I just wanted to face the unknown - if I would react negatively to it, or not. 

The fears lie in videos like these - about young people who develop "dystonia" after getting the flu shot. The scary part is that it take about 2 weeks to show signs of dystonia, which will make me stressed out for 14 days. 

And while these incidents are extremely rare, they still happen. I am not too worried about it because I had no reaction to the flu shot, and if I do end up with neuro problems, at least I don't have a husband and/or children (my roomie thought I was weird for saying this, but seriously, at least I wouldn't burden anyone, except for my parents). 

So the question is - is the risk of catching the Swine Flu, bigger than taking the vaccine? 

I have had pneumonia before, and so I could easily see myself becoming quite sick if I caught the Swine Flu, and this makes me nervous. It's the young people that are becoming really really sick. 

But at the same time, I know I would catch the Swine early on, and go to the doctor right away, so I think I would be able to fight it off. 

But even if I fight it off, I will still probably be out sick for like two weeks from work and school... this doesn't work well at all. 

But is the chance of becoming neurologically damaged, worth the risk of trying to not lose out on work and school? 

The infectious disease docs at my work have already taken the vaccine, and recommend for us all to take it. On my paper for the vaccine, I checked "yes"... I want it. This means it's now or never. When that vaccine comes in, I need to take it, or they will give it to someone else, and I probably won't have a chance for another one (since they are so low in supply). 

And even the Obama girls got the shot...

So what do you think? Should I take it? Would you take it?


Pigtails and Pinstripes said...

I'm going to get the shot, not only because I'm required to for work, but because I think that it's the right thing to do. With as much as I'm exposed to it, I would hate to bring it home to a friend or family member.

Bethany Pee said...

No. I'm sure we would alllll way rather be sick for a couple weeks then have to deal with life like that girl. Being normal only when running or walking backwards.

Dezlia said...

Scarrrry, if you research the package insert, it hasn't even been tested on pregnant women or babies yet (same for regular flu). Add in the fact that a lot of Canada has STOPPED shots for regular flu because it INCREASES your chances of getting SWINE. Yikes! How many people might be getting this because of that?

blythe said...

weren't you one of the people who scoffed at me for my blog post about being worried about the swine flu a few months ago....?

Anonymous said...

I think if the infectious disease docs are willing, I would get it.

My two cents!

<3 Jessie