Sunday, September 20, 2009

Tonight, I needed a Boyfriend.

It's 2:31 am on Sunday the 2oth, and I just want to say that the last 12 hours have been INSANITY. 

It all started around 2pm when I decided to take a drive to my parents house for dinner. I stopped off at Smoothie King to grab a smoothie from Bethany, and then ran into Jordan at Starbucks (which was a nice surprise), and was on the road. Well right around South Coast Plaza, my car started to overheat. I pulled off, and started giving it some water, but it was already full. I thought maybe it was just a fluke thing, and so I started driving again. Sure enough, my car couldn't go on, and I found myself at a PepBoys in Westminster. I called my parents, and I was kinda freaking. I was just sooo frustrated that I had FINALLY PAID OFF MY CAR, and now it was broken. I signed it in to get checked out, and was ready to wait 2 hours. 

My parents have been pressuring me to get a new car because it has been CRAZY borrowing their car on and off, every time mine broke down (which was often). So we decided to walk over to the Toyota dealership across the street. My mom said it was a sign from God. Oh gosh. 

Long story short, I bought a freaking car. My car salesman was named Frank, and well, he was just pretty much exactly like Frank Sanchez, so I knew I was totally going to walk away with something once I met him. Who wouldn't buy a car from Frank Sanchez? My aunt helped tremendously with EVERY aspect of getting a good deal (and we'll just leave it at that). It's a 2008 Toyota Corolla, and it BETTER last me a whole 250,000 miles. 

So I had to say goodbye to the Camaro (still thinking about this makes me really sad actually... soooo many memories. It's like I am really starting a new chapter in my life), and said hello to a blue Corolla. 

Frank "Sanchez"
So I (clean out my old car!) drive it off the lot, and head back to my parents house. I show my dad the car, run in to use the restroom, and come back outside to NO car. My car has been stolen!!!! Okay not really, my neighbor comes over and tells us that he just saw it get towed.

Well, I didn't see it get towed, so I call the police and report it stolen. They come over and tell me its towed. I sit on the phone for about 2 hours fighting with everyone possible (since I just spent every dime I had on a NEW CAR!). In the end, it costs $300 to get the car out, and I basically owe my aunt my LIFE. Great. 

I FINALLY get home, and I am just trying to comprehend what the HECK has just happened to my life. I do this while calling Nordic so they don't tow my car, because now I don't have a sticker to park in my complex. I get the guest pass, and I start walking up to my house. Well what do I see---- My screen is broken and halfway off, and the window is open. MY HOUSE HAS BEEN ROBBED!!! Okay, again, I don't know that for sure, but I am freaking. I run away into the middle of the street and try calling my roommates to see if maybe they did it. 

No one answers. 

I call police... for the second time tonight. 

The police officer comes, and he is checking things out, and says he needs to call for backup. Awesome. So all of a sudden I have 3 cops at my door trying to strategically plan out what their next step is. 

Lindsay finally picks up the phone, and I tell her what's happening. The cops tell me to tell her, that she needs to come downstairs and open the door herself, because they "don't know what's in there, and they have their guns drawn". 


and is it really necessary?

Lindsay opens the door, and they inspect the house, and come to the conclusion that whatever happened, happened inside. So then I had to stand there and watch them come up with scenario's of our other roomie (who has been out of town), and/or friends, who "got hot in the house, tried opening the window, and broke it... got scared we would be mad, so they didn't tell us." 

I was not amused. 

This seemed IMPOSSIBLE to me, since I am already completely paranoid about that window, and I look at it every night when I get home. PLUS, the ONLY person who it opens it is my roomie Holli, and she has been gone in San Fran. So what the heck?

Then they assured us that no one would try to break into "these condo's", and that unless someone is "hiding under our beds (laugh), no one is in there."

**shakes her head at OC Sheriffs**

All in all, today has been quite a day, and I am happy to report that it is done and over. I am sooo excited to go to church today at Rock Harbor, and I really can't wait to see what God has in store for them... us. Yay! 

Through all of this today, I just kept telling myself - "God is on the throne... He's on the throne". That's all that really matters anyway. 



Simone Knepper said...

wow! so excited for you that you have a new car: toyota's are awesome cars, very reliable. WHY did it get towed from your parents house? The fact that you omitted that detail makes me wonder about the reason. $300! THAT SUCKS!
Crazy day, can't wait to go for a ride in your new mobile!

Melz said...

Oh man...what an interesting day. OC cops are such poops, they have the coushiest [sp?] jobs ever. They should make them switch with the East Compton cops once in a while to teach them to appreciate calls like broken windows instead of drive by shootings.

Jon said...

Sweet Moses, that's a ridiculous 12 hours. Hopefully RH can wipe away some of that insanity...

Anonymous said...

Crazy day friend!!! Do we need to have lunch or dinner or coffee or something to make it better? Answer: YES. Call me...can we make it happen this week?

Love you, that break-in stuff in SCARY!!!

Long-distance hug!

<3 Jessie

Frank And Lela said...

I absolutely believe every word! I miss your stories CMA! Your life can be hilarious at times...we need to start praying harder for a husband for you sista!

Carrie said...

Simone - Contents of the towing need to remain secretive... for legal purposes of course. ;)

Mel - I am gunna tell you something funny one day...

Jon - Oh yes, it did indeed

Jessie - What about tomorrow night... as in Wednesday night?...

Frank and Lela - I would appreciate all the prayers you have for the spouse department... they are always needed. ;)