Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Never Ending "General Ed".

Do we ever really get away from "General Ed"? 

Today I went to Fuller (with my mom!) and I mapped out this years plan for my class schedule with my academic advisor. As I was doing so, I couldn't help but notice the fact that I felt limited... once again... with the classes I get. Now, don't get me wrong, I am getting my MDiv because I LOVE all the core classes I have to take, but I also loooove the electives offered. I get SIX electives. I have 120 units of "must have" courses, and 24 units electives. 


It seems so cruel! And my advisor reeeally didn't feel my pain. She's also completely unrealistic - "Sooo, theeeen, you'll just take 12 units of Greek over the summer". Ummm, okay, do you have $4000 to do that? Ya, ya, I have to take Greek again... I wasn't even going to try and test out. 

Good news? Oh ya, there is good news. Oooooober stoked about the upcoming classes during the next three quarters!

Fall 2009
New Testament 1: Gospels
Early Church History
Move my life
Etc. Etc. 
New Years

Winter 2010 (ah!)
(Blah to Best)
Medieval and Reformation Theology (yikes)
The Art of Evangelism (My prof's last name is "Peace" by the way)...
and finally... ahhh! I am excited:
Globalization, the Poor, and Christian Mission (With a "World Vision" VP!!!)
New home
etc. etc. 

>>>>>>Spring Break in (Cancun) with Jacque and Erin?<<<<<

Spring 2010
Kidding about Cancun
New Testament 2: Acts - Revelation (did I already take these?...)
Mission Churches and Leadership (saweeet)
Christian Ethics (saweeeter)
etc.. etc.. 

Find a church internship (did I already do this??), for THREE quarters, 10 hours a week, for the next year. Meet a man, fall in love (this time, he falls in love with me as well), get married on 11-11-11, check. 


Benjamin Camp said...

looks good. hey, we need to talk about class. make sure you get only the best. are you goin to take classes at the main campus this fall?


Benjamin Camp said...

looks good. we need to talk about ur schedule. make sure you get only the best classes. where are you taking ur classes in the fall?


Benjamin Camp said...

shoot. im an idiot. i thought my first comment didnt post. so i wrote another one. then that didnt post. now i am reading that the comments are not posted till approved. hahahahaha

blythe said...

did you know there's a community of corduroy lovers who love the date 11-11 because it resembles corduroy? not kidding.

also, you're MOVING?!