Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I have been watching this show called, "Intervention", on (A&E) lately, and it has reeeally opened my eyes. The show is about people who are struggling with an addiction to something - drugs, alcohol, shopping etc., but most of the stories are on people with drug addictions. 

To be honest, I always kind of judged people who would come into the hospital as an obvious drug addict. Now I just feel incredibly guilty for doing so. First off, I just shouldn't do that, but second, getting an inside view of their life really gives you a heart for them. In one case in particular, one girl becomes addicted because she was raped, and then injected with heroin. So in reality, it wasn't even really her fault that she became addicted. 

There was also a girl who expressed that she became addicted to drugs and sexually active when she was in 8th grade! That's for all you people out there who might think Junior High ministry is a waste of time. 

In the end, all of these people are surrounded by people who really love them, and so they stage an intervention. I haven't seen anyone reject an intervention yet, but some of the people do drop out quickly after admitting themselves. 

All in all, I will really think twice next time I see an addict come into the hospital. I really can't relate with them, because I have never been heavily addicted to drugs or alcohol, but at least I will understand a little bit of where they are coming from, and I will definitely remember that this is someone's son/daughter... brother/sister... friend/loved one. 

To check out the show "Intervention", click here

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danielle marie. said...

yeah that show is intense. i used to record it on my tv. its so sad to see that people go through things like that, and especially to see their families go through it.
ive seen someone reject an intervention, its quite sad. especially to see the family and friends just break down.
i havent seen this show in a while, but its quite a good one.