Friday, August 28, 2009

This is why I will never homeschool my children

VERY funny video of this years spelling champ. I honestly haven't laughed so much at something in a long time. 

 And if you are wondering, I totally watch all 2.5 hours of the national spelling year every year. 


blythe said...

hahaaa wow

just think,,,,,
that could have been jordan.

Pigtails and Pinstripes said...

wow. I think that's all I could possibly say.

Camyron Lee said...

Most AWKWARD interview in the world, I feel so bad for the reporter.

And c'monnnn, a bunch of us were homescruulers, we're not exactly AS socially stunted as this kid.

danielle marie. said...

seriously. ridiculous. hahaha

and i agree with Camyron. on both parts actually. i feel totally bad for the reporter. so sad!!
and not aaalll homeschoolers are like that, haha.
actually, besides that kid, i dont know any. hahaa

Frank Morgan said...

i only know a few of those kids. the other 100+ home schoolers are nothing like that. but that was a good excuse to not home school your children;)

Carrie said...

Holla at cha homeschooled kids!

Ps. You guys couldn't really tell how dorky you were in j high or high school though. Me on the other hand.... ;-)

Frank Morgan said...

because it was the homeschooling that made us all dorky?
I didn't realize how much better the public school system was, given that it's doing a much better job of educating today, isn't it? HAA

blythe said...

it educated me, frank.

and still does :]

Frank Morgan said...

never said it didn't educate.
just getting defensive over the fact that some people enjoy stereotyping home schooled kids because they find something wrong with it. it produces the same ratio of dorks to troublemakers as public schools. i would just like to know what is wrong with homeschooling..

melissa. said...

this is amazing!
that news reporter has to be one of the most patient people in the world :)