Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My interview with Mike Erre

Mike Erre is a pastor at Rock Harbor, a non-denominational church in Costa Mesa, California. Thousands flock to "experience" one of Rock Harbor's services every weekend (especially college students), and this leaves other church's to wonder, "why?".

I believe it's because at Rock Harbor, they are r.e.a.l. real. The pastors aren't afraid to share their weaknesses, and the service in itself, always makes you want to lay everything down at Christ's feet.

But even though Rock Harbor's services are booming on Saturday nights and Sunday mornings, Erre is convinced that there is more to this Christianity thing than a service once a week. Erre's book really opened up my eyes to a lot of things, especially for the Southern California person.

Erre graciously said he would let me interview him so I could spread the word more about his book, and today is the day it is finally published. You can read it at "Christians in Context". Part one is up today, and part two will be up tomorrow.

****Special thanks to Carissa for helping me with transcribing and editing this interview. Two sets of ears and eyes are always better than one. And thanks to the wonderful bloggers at Christians in Context for letting me post this interview, especially to Norm and Andrew who helped me figure out how we were going to publish this piece.***


Carrie said...
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Norman Jeune III said...

Thanks for all of your hard work on this Carrie. The interview questions were great, the piece was well written, and the interview itself was well presented. We were honored to post it at CIC!