Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nixon Library.

Jono and Simone recommended that I watch "FrostNixon", after I told them about "W", and I thoroughly enjoyed the movie. After watching the special features, I enjoyed it so much, in fact, that I grabbed my purse and headed towards the Nixon Library in Yorba Linda. It was a beautiful day to see the place, and I learned a lot while I was there. 

They currently have a huge lego flag at the library... if you're interested...

This is where you come first to watch a 30 minute segment on Nixon's life. It was created before his death (early 90's), and pretty much mentions absolutely nothing of Watergate, and takes about 30 seconds to revisit the resignation. Very interesting. 

Nixon was a hottie... ;-)

This was my favorite display (of course)

I was surprised (almost to tears), when I realized that a piece of the Berlin Wall was here... amazing. 

The Prisoners of War display was also really heart wrenching. 

One thing in the whole museum related to Watergate. You can move the pictures and arrows around to blame whomever you want for the incident (so standard, right?). I couldn't do it myself because these Nixon Library workers were playing with it forever. Meh. 

Picture of the resignation... with his family. 

The sun was so bright, it did that to my camera. But it was really beautiful. 

I loooved learning about the wedding at the White House. 

Same one as in the picture above... they hold weddings at the Nixon Library. 

View of the Garden


They have it at the library!!!

Couldn't resist... :-)

Burial sites for Mr. and Mrs. Nixon

They literally built the library AROUND Nixon's house that he grew up in. That is his real house, that his parents built from a kit. It was really awesome to see. 

And you can go in!!

The sticker was a must...

Who would have known that the city of Claremont was sooo cute, and was the home of a store owned by Ben Harper... pretty sweeeet. 

All in all, a very fun day! I highly recommend that you check out the library ASAP. Now I am on a museum "high", and will be traveling, often, to many this summer. 


carissa anne said...

when i went to Andrew Jackson's house in tennessee, they didn't mention anything about the Trail of Tears in his video either. i guess when you're a former president everybody likes you again.

blythe said...

i went to a prom at the nixon library....pretty cool. the highlights for me= the house and the grave.

S G said...

You should go to the Reagan library in Simi Valley! A bit of a drive but super cool... or I'm a nerd and just like stuff like that... :)

Carrie said...

Carissa - Veeeery inteeeeresstttiiinnggg....

Blythee - I'm jealous. Wish my prom woulda been there..

Steph - I want to go to the Reagan library!! We are both dorks!!!

Alicia Miller said...

Wow, I missed so much when I visited for a class years ago!