Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Job.

Today was my second day on the new job and I am loving it! For the most part, everyone is wonderful, and I am catching on pretty quickly. Actually, today, I pretty much just did everything by myself. In the end, it is a super high paced job, but it's not more high paced than the ER, which was kind of surprising. I have my times where I am definitely missing the ER, but it's also great to be able to breathe a little, and learn a lot more. I mostly stay busy with patients families (they were right about that being 50% of the job!), which is a little stressful right now because I am learning the computer system, and there are sooooooooo many restrictions on visitors, and CONSTANT visitors, but I can't wait to get the hang of everything so I am able to develop more of a relationship with the families. 

Developing relationships is one of the great benefits of working on a floor, opposed to the ER, because you see the same family members every day. Some patients have been on the unit for months now, and the spouses and parents pretty much come every day for patients. But today I did realize something - not everyone has visitors... and that's kind of sad :(. 

I also want to take this time to give a little recommendation to all of you to become organ donors! It's been really amazing watching this process over the past two days, and even though we are on the sad side of things, hopefully a heart, kidneys, lungs, and a few other things will work well for people on the transplant list. It's super important to make this decision now, and let your close family know of your wishes, that way, in the event that something tragic happens to you, your family will be able to be upfront about organ donation. Typically, they lose a lot of donations because the families aren't sure what the wishes are, which leaves it up to them, and they are usually too upset to say yes. Anyway, just a thought...

But I'm loving what I do, and the environment that I'm in is exciting. Working at a trauma center again, and being able to see what happens AFTER the patients leave the ER, is really really interesting. Being in this environment has really confirmed my calling to nursing (though I still kind of want to be in ER/Trauma), and has given me the little boost that I needed to return to school this fall. 

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blythe said...

I'm so glad you love your job! yay!!

and, I'm an organ donor! I should probably remind my dad about that...