Saturday, June 20, 2009

New Computer!!!!!!!!!!!

Wooooooooo!!!!! I have a new computer!!!!

Okay, so no, I did not receive a big donation from anyone, I actually just saved up my money and bought a new MacBook myself! I'm such an adult ;)

I am so stoked! There is still a few kinks I need to get worked out, but I am not going back to the Apple store for a few days because the new iPhone madness is CRAZY.

Also, since I got a new computer, I was able to update my iPhone! Now I can copy and paste!

I am soooo excited to have a new computer because now I can really blog again (whew). SO many things on my mind....
  • Obama's healthcare reforms
  • Michael Moore's new movie
  • Iran
  • Talking to conservative right winged people
  • Nursing/Future plans
  • Reading through "Boundaries" again
  • Etc...
Can't wait to get back into it!!!


danielle marie. said...

I'm getting a MacBook pro in the next 2 weeks or so. finally!!! I'm so excited, I can't wait.
so stoaked for you you have a running computer again! :)

blythe said...

congrats on the new laptop.....and your mention of boundaries reminded me, do you still have my copy of boundaries in dating?

i kinda want that back.

jordan said...

so this is where your savings account went ;)

Carrie said...

Haven't touched the savings... :)

I'll look for that book Blythe, sorry about that