Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Happy 400th Post!


+ Dick Cheney blaming Dick Clark for 9/11, which inevitebly ended up looking like the Bush administration was responsible for 9/11... I love politics.

+ The hospital I'm going to be working at has great benefits, and I will be able to keep my doctor I have now!

+ According to the doctor who had to perform a physical on me for my new job, I am perfectly healthy. The physical lasted maaaaaybe 2 minutes. Awesome.

- I need a computer reeeeally bad. I want to take an online class, and I am nervous to do so without a computer :(

+ I got a Disneyland pass, finally. Thanks to the friends and family who made it possible. Will someone go with me on my birthday? August 6th...

+ Two of my best friends want to move to DC... Since that's where I ultimately want to be, praise the Lord.

+ Been having quality roomie time lately and it's been great.

+ New Dave Matthews is lovely.

+/- Wedding season has begun, and I have a lot of 'em to attend.

+ Friday is my last day of work!!! And then I am taking 2 weeks off!!! I am praying that God will provide somewhere (cheap!) for me to get away. 


Psalm37 said...

I'll go with you on your birthday Carrie. I have a pass plus parking!!
I love Disneyland!!

Anonymous said...

Come with me on my birthday (Aug 4) and then I will go with you on yours!! Seriously!!

Love you, hope you get a new computer....

<3 Jessie

Anonymous said...

P.s. 400 posts!! Holy crap!!

<3 Jessie