Thursday, May 7, 2009

i love.

i love God.
i love the shining sun and smell of the ocean breeze.
i love that people can fail and get back up again.
i love good news.
i love challenging opportunities.
i love the way scriptures can be sharper than a sword.
i love being at peace about losing people, places, and things.
i love my iPhone maps application.
i love people who are real.
i love my comfy comfy bed.
i (try to) love my family and friends.
i love people that will give everything to fight for those who have no voice.
i love people who won't compromise.
i love people who don't give up.
i love, love, music.
i do really, really love music.
and finally, i love the way God speaks to me.


Bethany Pee said...

I love your laugh.

Carrie said...

i love YOU!

Anonymous said...

The iphone app one made me laugh. "One of these things is not like the other..." :)

Love Jessie