Friday, May 22, 2009

Deal on Wallis Book

Hey everyone! Just wanted to let you know that Amazon is having a great sale on one of Jim Wallis's books - "The Great Awakening" (not to be confused with the new book, "The Great Awakening - Seven Ways to Change the World"). 

"The Reverend Jim Wallis (b. June 4, 1948, Detroit, Michigan) is an evangelical Christian writer and political activist, best known as the founder and editor of Sojourners Magazine and of the Washington, D.C.-based Christian community of the same name.
Wallis actively eschews political labels, but his advocacy tends to focus on issues of peace and social justice, earning him his primary support from the religious left. Wallis is also known for his opposition to the religious right's fiscal and foreign policies."

Check it out! It's only $7.99, originally $25.95. Everyone should read AT LEAST one Wallis book, so here is your start!


Andrew Faris said...

Except that I just can't handle Jim Wallis...

Anonymous said...

Ok, so you removed my original comment. I purchased a used "Great Awakening" and, having gotten through the first chapter, will say I was wrong. Jim Wallis isn't an emerging heretic. He is a liberal, social gospel heretic that feeds perfectly well into, and compliments, the emergent ooze. I feel that instead of hearing about how Jesus can change people's hearts, which would result in the social changes he says he desires, I am reading a 60's hippie skreed against "The Establishment, man." What overweening pride to call abortion and gay marriage a "restriction" and "just two issues." Has Jim Wallis ever cracked open a Bible? What led God to declare that no matter what the nation of Israel did, after the horrors of killing it's children as sacrifices to Molech, His judgment of Israel's destruction would not be rescinded? Since Americans have now killed 50 million of it's children, what would be a better issue to focus on? And isn't it amazing that the financial crisis in the social security system would not be here if we had, say, 50 million more productive citizens funding it? Jim Wallis must be a lunatic. Because I want to say that I have approached the entire book with my kritikos, I am not going to take it to the garbage disposal and tear out each page an shove it down, to ensure that nobody else could possibly be assaulted by this moronic book. I will have to say that at least I am out less than $8.

Carrie said...

The Christians who are not open minded are the ones who kept me from Jesus for many years. So when I became a Christian, I promised God that I would stay open minded to all ideas so that I could I would have the ability to comprehend and have conversation about ideas that many different people hold.

I took a very secular anthropology class in college. Though the book was filled with lies, I was determined to finish it so that I would be able to use that knowledge to lead others to a relationship with God. God has used that.

Unfortunately, no one on my blog knows who you are, and many non Christians (including MY family reads this), and I believe that you are showing them a face of Christianity that would turn over tables. So ya, I will continue to delete your comments after this. Please stay away from my blog.

Carrie said...

Again, please stop coming to my blog. My blog is not intended for theological debate, it is a place for my family and friends to see what's up with my life. And since I have no idea who you are, and you are kind of creeping me out, just stay away.