Monday, April 13, 2009

Two ridiculous, but funny, stories.

I can be pretty ridiculous sometimes, and I love it. 


The other day I was at Andrew and Britt's wedding (pictures soon!). It was sooo much fun, especially because I was able to catch up with a bunch of Biola friends I hadn't seen in a while. I was also able to finally meet The Thoennes' little girl, Caroline, whom they had recently adopted. At one point I found myself having a conversation with the wife of my all time favorite professors (you know), and I was just so in awe with her because it had been about a year since I had last spoken with her, and yet she remembered all the things I had told her! Seriously, what the heck? This couple is just amazing. Anyway, I was having a pretty deep conversation with her, and as she was right in the middle of speaking, a fly just flew into my mouth. I could feel it, just buzzing on my tongue. I knew that I could just say excuse me, and swipe it off easily, but I just didn't want to ruin our vibe. I am already intimidated by their amazing presence, and I did not want to make the situation awkward in any way. My thoughts were going a million miles a minute - thoughts of how disgusting it was that a fly was in my mouth... and how sad I would be if it had to die; it was obviously fighting for it's freedom. But in the end, I decided to do the unthinkable - eat it. It was a fighter, and I actually had to end up chewing it a little because it just would not stand to be swallowed, but eventually, it went down the pipe. Awkwardness avoided, wonderful conversation completed. 


Easter Sunday. My poor mother always slaves away in the kitchen for hours preparing food, and though I love her food, I wish that we could just order a pizza on holidays. It's always SO stressful, and way more work to spend time with my parents on holidays, than any other time. Honestly, I am just not a big fan of holidays. 

So after all of the stresses, we finally sit down at the table. Usually my mom cooks ham on Easter, and I hate ham, so I am used to eating all the sides. But this year my mom thought she would do something nice for me and make me chicken. I appreciate her efforts, and was expecting some lean piece of boneless chicken, because she knows that's what I like. I like to eat certain kinds of meat, but I cannot stand any meat with fat or bone on it. I can't stand it because it reminds me that it was an animal at one point. As a pacifist, I am just not big on killing things, and this does include animals. I am not a vegetarian, and would never put a trip on anyone for eating meat, I just can't see it, or think about it. Like on Thanksgiving when my mom makes the turkey, I can't see the actual frame of the turkey or I will freak out. 

Well, apparently my mom forgot this (as she forgets most things), and all of a sudden there is a huge freaking cornish hen sitting on my plate (click the link for a cooked picture... I didn't want it on my blog...). I completely freaked out. My sisters were of course making fun of me, and came over and ripped the legs off! I fully started crying, and was just freaking out. I couldn't handle it. Plus, I was kind of mad because for goodness sakes, for 15 years I have been telling my mom of my fear of seeing the actual animal form of meat I eat! At that point I was seriously considering just telling my parents I was a vegetarian now so it would never happen again (though, my mom would probably forget...). To make matters worse, my old roomie Lindsay was there, and so she had a whole hen too! I have no idea if she was okay with that, but she barely ate any of it. So embarrassing. Thank GOD I didn't bring my other roomie Holli - she's a vegetarian, and probably would have started crying too. It was seriously the worst thing ever. 

Later on I felt bad about crying over our Easter meal, but I hope my mom finally learned her lesson ;). Also, my new fear is that I will be at my future in law's house for dinner at one point, and they will serve me a cornish hen. This will probably come up on date #2 for every single potential spouse from now on. 

***Note: As Melissa Murphy and I had talked about in the past, I would quickly get over this fear of killing animals, and eating animals that seem to still be intact, whilst in Africa, or in any culture that would be offended by my repulsive, crying response.***


carissa said...

it's just like the song about the woman who swallowed a fly... "i guess she'll die." but i don't think you'll die. props to you.

but - you would have not cried for africa, but not for mom?

danielle marie. said...

CARRIE I CANT BELIEVE YOU ATE A FLY!!! ohhh my lantaa i would seriously of freaked out. gosh, your a tough soldier.

and so sad about easter meal:( im sorry. ltes just hope that doesnt happen at your future in-laws. im sure your fiancee will tell them that you dont like that, therefore them not serving it...

blythe said...

so you'd chew and swallow a live fly, but a dead hen is gross because it resembles a live hen?

maybe that is proof that you'd step it up if you had to in africa though...better to eat it with a smile than offend your company? ;]

danielle marie. said...

hahaha blythe thats so true!
Carrie you plan on going to Africa right? or not for a while?

Anonymous said...

Funny and funny. Thanks for the smile!

P.s. there is NO WAY I could have eaten the fly! Even if I were talking to Dr. You-know-who himself! :)WOW!

rcarlson80 said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh, BTW, that was me, Jessie. Sometimes I forget to write who I am and I am unintentionally "Anonymous". :)

Moqqi said...

An even possibly funnier thought...the lady that you were talking to noticed that a fly flew into your mouth and then SAW you chew and swallow and now she thinks you are some kind of nut who eats flies!!! Ugh...everyone would understand if you just spit and gagged the thing out!

Don't feel too bad about the Cornish Hen episode. One time we had neighbors who had abandoned their house (rental) and left a bunch of trash piled up outside. Since there had been a garbage strike dogs had gotten into all the garbage and scattered it about with the rancid smells wafting into our yard. Kevin went over to clean it up and there was a package of uncooked Cornish Game Hens. He shoveled into it to put in a trash bag and all of the sudden tons of maggots poured out of hte hens. To this day he will NOT eat a Cornish Game Hen and does a disgusting wiggly dance when he even sees one!