Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bad boys bad boys, whatcha gunna do when they come for you?

Ok, so the other day I am leisurely driving down the highway, and I notice a CHP officer behind me. I immediately take my foot off the gas and slow down to 55, and he (or she) passes me. He stays right in front of me for almost 5 miles, and I am watching him because I totally know what he's going to do. All of a sudden, this little old honda enters onto the freeway, maaaybe going 55-60 miles an hour, and was just hanging out in the slow lane, but at the exact same pace as me. The CHP-ee is in the FAST lane, and he throws on his lights (behind NO ONE), and begins to change lanes to the right. As he comes over into each lane behind a new car, I am like yelling in the car, "Don't pull over! Don't pull over!" As he got behind each car, none of them were pulling over, so he just kept changing lanes to the right. Finally, he gets behind the little old honda (whom it was impossible for him to EVER even see!), and the poor little honda pulls over. 

I was SO mad. I wanted to take down the cops license plate and report him because there is no way he caught that little honda doing ANYTHING wrong, it's just a game they play. One time a CHP-ee told me that that's what they legitimately do - they just flip on their lights and see who is stupid enough to pull over. I learned this, and fought against one night as a CHP-ee lighted up behind me (and I was NOT speeding at ALL), and so I proceeded to change lanes to the LEFT, and the poor guy who was in the lane to the right of me was dumb enough to pull over to the right, so the CHP-ee totally went after him instead. 

So anyway, I am not recommending for you to run away from the police in any way, and I'm probably going to go to jail if a cop finds this blog entry (but I guess they can't really prove that I wrote it), but my recommendation would be that on the freeway, don't be so quick to pull over to the right. Assume he is going for the guy ahead of you. 


sarahjhendrickson said...

I don't know about CHP, but I do know that LAPD can't pull someone over without cause and every time they pull someone over, they have to document why they did it. Maybe the car had a warrant. You never know. If he was just doing it as a game, then YES he should be reported because that is ILLEGAL!

theekevy said...

Oh my gosh, that is the worst thing ever! Thanks so much for the heads up.