Friday, March 27, 2009

iPhone Update...

What have I been up too?...

Junior High Outside on a beautiful day

Church Baptism: Look at little Elias praying, so cute

This is probably the best picture I've ever taken

Elias was baptized!

This one is to show the quality of my iPhone... look at the water on the dunk

Brook said (as well as other worship leaders) that leading worship at the baptism IS awkward
... this still baffles me

UCI scantron outreach... such a hit!

Please, in my comments, tell me what color they are wearing...

We got smarter the second day...

Skatepark outreach - every Tuesday - sooooo great

Worrell's Taco Tuesday


Roomie bonding... we hung that spoon

Normans new license plate

Lunch with friends

Little Jake's birthday

Shows and scarves

My twin sister's turned 16!

I took them out of school for lunch

Jessie, I WILL call you back... probably today...


Frank And Lela said...

I SOOO agree about picture 3!!! What a suave, debonair baptizer!

Of course, your picture taking was nothing compared to the Baptism of 2000 at Yucaipa Regional park. That was the night that the Lakers were playing the Blazers in a hotly contested game 7. One guy kept coming to the front of my line with updates on the score! That was the worst/best intrusion of all time!

jordan said...

when i first scrolled to the picture under "Yum" i thought it was a bunch of hash. :o

danielle marie. said...

mmmmmm turquoise.

blythe said...


and, i forgot about that scarf pic. hahah. adam inspires me, yes. not just fashionably speaking.

Anonymous said...


My name is on your blog, I am famous!!

Love Jessie

Melz said...

I'd say 'celebrity-pool-water-blue' on those shirts. Scantron outreach, genius. I noticed their license plate like 2 or 3 weeks ago and i was like 'whoa, am i THAT non-observant?' but *whew* the word 'new' is in there. Blythe looks cute in that picture. That spoon is flippin awesome. I chuckle on the subject of Maritza's b/f being real [real okay with PDA in public bwaha, but that's just what i hear], although I knew he was real. Your iphone takes good pictures.

Simone Knepper said...

leading worship at baptisms is awkward when CARRIE ALLEN is in your face taking pictures with her iphone!

Carrie said...

Oh Simone, you are just mad because everyone said that your shirt ISN'T green! And I only took photos of Brook to try and MAKE him feel awkward... ;)