Wednesday, March 4, 2009

iPhone Photo Update

Lovin' my iPhone camera. It doesn't take the best pictures, but it's totally good enough for me...

Winter Camp Leader Hang Out (such a success!)

We played the BEST game! Jono never ceases to amaze me with his game abilities

Happy Birthday to Colton!

Umm I tried to write out "20" with candles... didn't work out so great

Leaders prayer on a Wednesday night

Simone bought a carrot/apricot cake... classic

Standard place to be on Wednesday nights... American Idol at the bachelorette pad


Staff meeting Tuesdays = Subway :)

My new bed!

Woo hoo!

In the process of decorating

Pictures of the ones I love

I love mirrors

I'm trying to find the perfect curtains to hang over my entire wall

And a sneak peak of my Winter Camp blog coming soon!

This kid seriously cracks me up

Is our Junior High Worship Band not the cutest things ever to walk this earth?


The Kneppers are amazing (more on that later...)


AJ was exhausted and drooling on me


Bethany Pee said...

omg your bedroom floor had NOTHING on it.... *amazement

Anonymous said...

Oh Carrie, you and your mirrors... ;)

Love Jessie