Friday, March 20, 2009

Facebook Wars

So I just had to blog about this because I think it's hilarious. 

Camyron and Bethany come hang out mi casa usually about once a week. Every time they do, no matter how many times I ask them, they get onto my computer (and stay on it the whole time...) and go to my facebook and change my status. I get SO annoyed. The last time they were over, I was like, seriously, seriously, don't do it anymore. They didn't do it that night, which I appreciated, because it feels a little weird to me that I would have to "punish" them by not letting them use my computer. Because I don't care if they use my computer, I just don't want my facebook status to say things such as: "Carrie smells"... "Carrie loves Camyron and Bethany"... etc. 

So the other night after youth group, Camyron needs to use my computer for school purposes. I let her of course, but then she gets into my facebook AGAIN, and changes the status! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?!

So, I find this out because I am looking at my facebook from my iPhone, and I get so frustrated. So I'm like, okay, you can't use my computer anymore, and I shut it and take it from her. She's like, "Nooo, I'm logged into MY facebook!" 


Now, FINALLY, time for some sweet revenge. I have full access to Camyron's facebook. I can do ANYTHING I WANT! I could have went on and written people funny comments or messages (like someone did on her myspace). I could have created stupid events. I could have written notes/blogs on ridiculous things... SO many things I COULD have done. But I decide it would be funny to just change her status ONLY THREE times: "Camyron thinks Carrie Allen is the best", "Camyron is thanking you all for the birthday wishes, she's having a great time in NYC!", and Camyron is soooo tired". Then I changed her profile picture to a funnier one, and then I went through and "liked" her friend's status'. 

"Carrie smells". Carrie SMELLS"! 

I was NICE to Camyron!

Now, she's upset. This is just hilarious to me. 


Camyron Lee said...

You're dead.
You better HOPE you never leave your Facebook logged in AGAIN.

this is WAR.

Psalm37 said...

This is why I don't have a facebook.

danielle marie. said...

i totally remember seeing her status as:"Camyron thinks Carrie Allen is the best"
hahaa so good carrie, so good.

blythe said...

ahha, another case of


jordan said...

how annoying.

btw, i miss you carebearrrrrrr

heath(er) said...

hello hello! i was just looking back at my old posts and i saw these comments from you that i never saw...

and i am here to formally thank you for the compliment and for putting "hilarious" in my touched my heart.

okay cool.

now i am going to put YOU on my bloglist.