Saturday, March 7, 2009

Emergency Tips

Three things I want to say to the public community:

#1 - Do not come to the emergency room (unless you reeeally have to obviously) between 7:00am/pm and 7:30am/pm. This is when everyone changes shifts, and people can get a little grumpy and caught up into trying to leave/get settled. 

#2  - It's just not safe to NOT have any insurance. If you don't have insurance, apply for medi-cal. You might as well cash in on something you will be paying for, for other people, for the rest of your life. Because of everyone being greedy in America, just to step your foot into triage costs about $200... if you were in a car accident and had to be taken to the hospital, it would cost well into the thousands. People sometimes never recover from medical bills. Very sad; our healthcare system is a joke. A total joke. 

#3 - In the past few weeks there have been a lot of people dying on the 405 because their car breaks down and then they are hit by another car. BOTH times, these people were IN their car - and this is where the police department will tell us to go because it IS more dangerous to stand outside. People always ask me - "Is is safer to stay in your car, or outside of your car?" Obviously staying in your car with the seatbelt on is probably safer than standing outside your car, but I have some other things to say as well. 

What to do?? First off, if you are in a car accident, get OFF the freeway! If your car is driveable then drive it off. Just try to tell the person by waving your hands that you are going off the freeway. If you are worried about them taking off, get over it, it is so dangerous to stay on the freeway. Second, if your car has broken down, CALL 911. I broke down on the freeway once and the cars were just zooming by me so quickly. I was totally freaked out and called 911. I know they don't really like it, but whatever, because I would definitely consider that an emergency. This way they can come in from behind you and put their lights on so people will slow down. This is especially the case when it is nighttime. These rules are multiplied by 10 in importance at nighttime. It is SO dangerous to be broken down on the freeway at night. The lady who died recently was broken down at night, AND her emergency lights were not working! If this ever happens, I don't even know what to say... run off the freeway... this is just such a bad place to be in... Maybe it's time for all of us to keep flares in our cars... honestly. 

Hope these tips help!