Saturday, March 14, 2009

Buying Concert Tickets - Feeding the Monopoly

So I got an email from Coldplay (yes, literally from Chris Martin), and they were telling me that they added some tour dates. I was checking it out and realized that they were playing in North Carolina around the same time I was going to be out there for Steve and Devon's wedding, AAAND, on MY birthday!!! Now my plans have changed, and I will be in DC over this date (the wedding is the next weekend), but I was still so turned off by how much the stinking charges for tickets are. 

Almost $14 for the ticket charge, plus a $6 parking fee (what if I take the bus?!), and tax. This equals almost the amount of the ticket! I am paying $56 for a $35 ticket! Ridiculous. 


Melz said...

Whoever started those ticket sales companies are geniuses. You can start one, it'll be great.
Welcome to
Your ticket to see the HonkeyTonkTwirlers-$55.
$5 charge for having Carrie read your ticket request.
$5 charge for having Carrie lift her finger to click 'read'.
$5 charge for a conformation number.
$5 charge for Carrie to send the email WITH your conformation number in it.
$5 charge for Carrie to give you a correct conformation number.
$50 charge for Carrie to send you the actual tickets for your seat in the LAWN section where it will be wet from last night's frost thaw.
Thank you for choosing ticketCarrie for your concert attending needs.

Carrie said...

i should make my own! then i could convince random local bands only to go through me. hopefully they will go big, and then i will make a lot of money. no, kidding, i would do all of that but only charge TRUE shipping and handling, and like $5 for my time... i would STILL be saving people so much money...

danielle marie. said...

Seriously, amazing.

danielle marie. said...

Ps. I hope you have fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey did you know they are coming to the Verizon in July?

Carrie said...

oh my gosh! thank you Brook!!!! i'm so excited! I have wanted them to come back here for so long! :)