Sunday, March 15, 2009

Beach Reach 2009

Beach Reach. Ah yes, my favorite mission trip of all time. 

Beach Reach is where you get into the "heat" of things. Thousands of college kids running around like crazy party animals in this dark, dark world. And then there is about 500 Christians who are there trying to creep in God's light. 

I went to Beach Reach with Pastor Reza and Timberline Church 4 years ago (wow), and I wish I could have continued to have gone, but it just wasn't in the plans for me... I will make it back one day though. This year Reza brought 50 people from Timberline Church, and they are the only group (out of 500 people) who are staying at a hotel entirely filled with non-Christians (we usually rent out an entire hotel or two for all the Beach Reachers). This was an awesome step of faith that will bring REAL warfare but in the end I KNOW that there is going to be some AMAZING stories. Please pray for the Beach Reachers this week as I know that lives will be ripped from Satan's hands, as I have seen it happen with my own eyes. The best part about this mission trip is that they even put a lot of effort in following up with people who give their lives to the Lord on the Spring Break Trip (wherever they may live). There have even been people who have gotten saved, who have come back the next year to be a part of Beach Reach! The spiritual attack and oppression upon this island is indescribable, so please be praying. 

Below is an excerpt from Pastor Reza's blog:

"After hours of hanging out at the church and in our vans we were finally able to move into our hotel. We spent about an hour in the hotel lobby waiting to get all checked in. As we were waiting the Energy Drink MONSTER was moving all of their materials into the hotel lobby as they are sponsoring all the hotel parties / activities for the week. A lot of us drink Monsters on a regular basis so we were pretty excited about the free drinks which we will need when our shifts start at 11pm.

As we were waiting in the lobby hundreds of Spring Breakers were coming into check into their rooms. It was great for our team to get a chance to see the faces of their neighbors for the week and to see the people that they have an opportunity to influence.

We came in from our dinner and orientation and prayer time driving at about 9:00 p.m. and we were free to go to bed, so we thought. Our teams are dispersed around the hotel on different floors, we where hoping we would all be on the same floor, for the team building aspect but more importantly for the safety of our female team members. We had to switch a few rooms around so we can have at least one guy room on each floor and needed to make sure our ladies knew which rooms they were.

Justin and myself are on on the 8th floor along with Pastor Barb’s room and the room that Bear (One of our young adult staff interns). As we were coming back to our room for the night we realized that “Girls Gone Wild” (It is a company that videotapes women taking their clothes off and then sell the videos) had representatives on our floor and were doing some filming with video cameras in the hall way and interviewing the guys that were staying on our floor. Now, I have been coming to Beach Reach for 6 years and I have never been this close to an environment like this. To be honest I was a little disturbed by this, but after praying and talking to others on our team about it I am convinced that God wants to reach these people as well and it is an honor that God would trust us to minister and serve these people. They are right next to Pastor Barb Myers’ room which could lead into incredible conversation with some of the girls that are hanging out in our hallway. Last night there was a HUGE party in our hallway that kept us up most of the night. I have not been feeling very good and have lost my voice. I was really looking forward to a great full night of sleep but was not able to get to bed till about 1 am because of the noise.

We prayed that God would use us and I guess he wants to use us in this environment, so we are going to obey. One specific prayer request is that we would be able to influence those that influence others for evil with the Gospel of Grace and Hope."


blythe said...

so the kingsfield trip fell through? with my schedule the way it is, i was going to see if i could jump on board last minute with that... :]

Carrie said...

maybe next year... :(