Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Emerging or Emergent?

Rock Harbor church is a church in Costa Mesa, California. I have many friends who attend this church, and every now and then I will go on a Sunday night (love that 9pm service...). My church has been lucky enough to have had a great relationship with the staff at RH, and have been able to learn many things from them. RH is doing amazing things for the Kingdom on earth, and I look forward to their future. 

Recently, they have been accused of being "emerging", or "emergent". They have addressed this in three ways: (1) - They have not ignored the issue, and they are very open and honest with their church about this claim against them:

(2) - They have written a series of essays about their stance on certain doctrinal issues:
Women in Ministry

(3) - They held a forum at their church addressing the issues, which you can watch here:

Video of Rock Harbor's Forum on the Emerging Church

I haven't watched the forum, but I have read the essays. They are well written, and they definitely line up with my beliefs as a Christian. I would not identify RH as an "emerGENT" church. We need to make sure that we understand their is a difference between a church being identified as "emerGING", and "emerGENT". I won't get into it on my blog, because I am just not that interested in this topic, but I did want to address this publicly because I believe that RH is too great of a church to have these kinds of rumors going around about them. But you can read more about "emerging" vs. "emergent" here


Anonymous said...

ROCKHARBOR is as fundamentalist as it comes, just with nicer graphics and prettier people. End of story.

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