Thursday, January 29, 2009

Wish I Lived In San Francisco...

Okay, what is going on? I thought Los Angeles was THE place to be, not San Francisco!

Apparently, a little place called "Fillmore" is going to be having 3 (maybe 4) amazing bands playing in their presence during the month of April. 

April 14th - Fleet Foxes

April 16th - Dr. Dog

April 28th - Cold War Kids (who has been rumored to be playing this show with Death Cab!)

What. the. heck...

1 comment:

rcarlson80 said...

Never heard of them.

Never heard of them.

Never heard of them.


Never heard of them.

Just so you know Carrie, obscure does not automatically = great. And you make fun of my music...

hee hee!

Love Jessie