Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Update on George - Prayer Requests

I went and saw George tonight at the hospital and I only have good news to report!

First off, George's eyesight is 100% okay because he when he first saw me, he called me "beautiful"... so just in case you were worried about that... ;)

Secondly, he was ABLE to call me beautiful! That means he is able to talk! Yay! He couldn't quite remember my name, but he remembered what I did - "good ministry". He is definitely going through some memory loss, as he is having trouble remembering names (except for Dona, Jordan, and Adam), and when people come to visit, he forgets that they visited. The doctors say that this should fade within the next few days.

We were able to visit for a long time and that was nice. One thing that you can really pray for is the fact that George gets a little confused about whether he is okay or not. Since he is in a hospital bed, and so many people are coming to visit, he thinks that he is dying. We try to keep telling him that he is getting better, but he has a hard time believing us. So pray that the Lord would give him peace.

Also, please please please be praying that George would get transferred to the Kaiser hospital in Irvine. Unfortunately with Kaiser, you cannot choose which hospital you want to go too. It would be horrible if they transferred him somewhere far away (which they could). Please pray for God's favor with this as they get that all figured out on Thursday.

Thanks so much to everyone who has signed up to bring meals! We still have a few dates open so please contact me if you would like to bring one to the family.

Jordan came to youth group tonight with us so he could be surrounded by all his friends and lots of love. It was a good night, and a good break for him.

I grabbed coffee with Adam before I left the hospital earlier and it was good to catch up with him as well. He is going to Vegas Thursday night-ish, so please be praying for his safe travels.

I will keep you updated...

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