Monday, January 19, 2009

Please pray for Georgie

Pastor George Sabolick suffered a massive heart attack on Sunday around 2pm, and went into full arrest at the NAMM conference. Georgie is sponsored by Martin guitars, and he was about to perform when he passed out. Thank God he was at NAMM because someone administered CPR right away, and the paramedics came and used the defibrillator on George (which totally saved his life). He was transferred to a local hospital and was put on life support. 

I heard the news and rushed over to the hospital to be with his wife, Dona. Two of George's sons - Adam and Jordan - were on tour in Chicago with their band, "The Union Line", and I knew they would not be happy about not being with their mom. 

I got there in time to see Georgie all hooked up to the monitors and respirators, and got all the updates. After hours of being there (to give you the latest), George made it out of his angioplasty with bittersweet news. Bitter because two of his arteries were completely blocked, but sweet because the surgery was a success, and the stents were placed properly and functioning well (we all thanked the doctor profusely). 

Now we are in a bit of a waiting game. They are going to take George off of sedation tomorrow morning and see how he is able to respond. They was no bleeding in the brain, and no significant brain damage shown, so we just have to see how George is once he wakes up. 

PLEASE, join me in prayer as we pray that God would do another miracle and wake up George with no brain damage. 

Adam and Jordan made is safely home at around 10:20 tonight, and we met up with them at the hospital and heard all their funny tour stories. They were definitely blessed with the support of their bandmates, and one of the band members families generously paid for their (very expensive) one way tickets home (praise God!). 

God is so good, all the time. He is in control. He is in control. He is in control of everything.

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