Saturday, January 3, 2009

Lost in the Blogosphere

I was going through my IPhoto last night and I noticed so many great pictures that never made it on my blog for 2008. I figured there was no better time than now to post them. So here you go...and they are all in complete random order. :)

Adam. :)

This is a corner in Seattle where I could totally live. Yup, right there in those apartments...

Cute little coffee shop right outside my new apartments...

Zoka is the name of that fine coffee shop

Thanksgiving dinner with the fam

I walked into a room at the Calvary in Seattle and saw this happening. Pastors Kids no doubt...

Nick (8th grader) reading through Psalms for us

The sweet missions map at the Calvary in Seattle

Simone and Jono striking a pose

Frankie's look

Frank is actually NOT on the phone in this picture

Little Alex's football team

Go Mustangs!

My mom bought me a Biola ornament and said I would get it when I had my own tree one day...

Loving gas prices.

The cutest little rental car I had in Seattle

Girls Win!!!

Boys lose!!! Oh, wait, I already did blog about this... ;)

Junior Highers paying attention :)

I love this one. The contrast of the in n out hat and the focus in their's great.

So great.

AJ preaching it up

Oh wait, there's Adam again...