Friday, January 9, 2009

It's Moving Time...

This weekend is going to be crAzy. I have two weddings to go to, a going away party I am throwing, I am starting my new job, and I am moving! Crazy!

So I wanted to tell you a little bit about the community that I am going to be moving in too. My description won't be as lovely as Simone's description of her beloved "Aventine Apartments" in Aliso Viejo, because as you will soon learn, I am moving into a place that I will nickname "Stepford". "Stepford" because it seems that everything needs to be perfect in this community. The name - "Windsong Community". Windsong is a gated, 275 unit residential community located in the city of Aliso Viejo, California. The community is comprised of two and three bedroom town home units. The common amenities include a Tot-Lot, Tennis Court, and a sparkling pool area containing a Salt Water Spa, Shower, Rest Rooms, and BBQ area (this information taken from their website). 

I have been very fortunate in "inheriting" this place after Chris, Matt, and John have moved out. I am blessed to have such amazing, Christian landlords, and our house is amazing.

Here are some pictures of the house before (this was a birthday party for Chris...)

Here is a view of couches and a window...

This is a view of the downstairs from a couch...

This is a view from the front door looking into the kitchen...

This is a view of the garage door (I tried to throw a surprise party, but John told him, so this is Chris trying to act surprised...)

This is a couch view looking at the front door...

No pictures of the upstairs (because it was off limits) ;)

I have two roommates - Lindsay (not to be confused with the last Lindsay who was my roommate), and Holli (pictures later and bio's...). We are sooo stoked to be living together, and it should be a very interesting new adventure in my life. I am also stoked to be waaaay closer to my work so I can actually go home for our Sunday break and take a nap. 

I am so excited because I am sooo close to Laguna Beach now. Actually, a huge part of Aliso Viejo is in the Laguna Beach school district. The only thing that keeps Aliso Viejo away from Laguna Beach is a huge hill in the middle of them. But there are cool trails from Aliso to Laguna, and I am stoked about that. 

Another great thing about Aliso Viejo is the huge town center they have. The center is THE place to be on the weekends, where you can enjoy a movie, or dinner at many fine dinning restaurants. Or, if you are like me, you can grab a cup of coffee and sit and Barnes and Noble for a few hours. 

One of my other favorite things about Aliso Viejo is "The Neighborhood Cup". The "cup" is a little coffee shop connected to the Aliso library, and it is amaaazing. My good friend Megan works there, and I spend so much time there because it is just so cozy, and they have the best Chai Tea. 

The only thing missing in my beloved Aliso Viejo is a "Trader Joes". But, there have been some rumors that one is going to be built there soon...I will keep you updated. 

Stay tuned for pictures from my move, and a date for our house warming party. I thought it would be fun to tell people that to get into the party, they would have to bring a pack of toilet paper or paper towels... so be prepared... :) 


Bethany Pee said...

1. You're also excited that you're now two streets away from your beloved.. well, me of course!
2. Town center is a huge place to be on the weekends if you're uh, in 8th grade.
3. Sleep over gal ores.
4. I'm happy with the roommates you landed.
5. It's going to look soo much better with you girls there then it did before.

Camyron Lee said...

Seriously, I WISH aliso viejo was as cool as you make it sound.

But I'm happy you'll be so close to me!!

Simone Knepper said...

trader joes has been built already! they just need to OPEN it now.It's next to the new walgreens.
Yep, AV is THE place to be..hey, it rhymes.

Carrie said...

Ladies (minus Simone) - come on...think about it... Aliso Viejo IS cool. If anyone lived in like hick town, south carolina, and came to AV, they would think it was the coolest place ever. I am sure that even people who live in Manhattan or Chicago eventually get bored with where they live...but we would think it's awesome. So come on, give AV a break... and for goodness sake, they have their own trader joes!!!! AH!!!!!!! Thanks Simone!

Ps, I also look forward to the sleepovers galore... we are going to have SO much fun. It's a new year, and a new beginning...I am excited!