Saturday, January 24, 2009

Inauguration 1-20-2009

I was inspired by Blythe's post of the inauguration to do my own little musing. Since things are starting to calm down a bit with George, I figured it is time to get some awesome pictures up on this little bloggy of mine (see my last George update below).

I had to listen to the inauguration on the radio, and I was very thankful for NPR's broadcoast. They were so specific, even describing Michelle Obama's outfit! Rick Warren's prayer brought me to tears, as he used different languages to say the name of Jesus. After getting home from a very long day, I turned on the Tivo and watched the huge event. Oh how wonderful it was! This view alone makes me tear up:

Isn't it beautiful how we can all come together in peace and inaugurate our president. I think that we can become so wrapped up in the fact that "our guy didn't win", or any other complaints, that we can't even stop to think that many other countries are not able to have inauguration celebrations like this. We are lucky to live in America.. among democracy. And though many people think that this nation is going downhill (as far as Christian values), I am pretty sure that Jesus' name was never spoken of in any other inauguration prayers as long as I have been alive, and the oath is still taken over the Bible. 

I love that the Obama's have two young daughters. Though this will be a very different life for them now, it will be really exciting to watch them grow up. I hope that their life can be as normal as possible, and I hope that they will grow to be godly women. 

I love the Obama's relationship. Michelle seems like an incredibly strong woman, and she will need to be to have the responsibility of being the first lady. I also love how she just adores her husband. I can see it in her eyes how proud of him that she is. I try to imagine the way she must feel - to watch someone that you love SO much, become the first African American president (or just president at all!), must be the best feeling in the whole world. 

Some of my other favorite president's - Reagan of course...

Dancing with Nancy at the inauguration ball... 

John F. Kennedy's inauguration (not one African American in that picture...)

On the way to the inauguration ball...

What a difference 40 years makes! Thank you President Obama for the hard work you have begun, and will do, for the next 8 years. I look forward to great change coming our way!


Anonymous said...

Woot Woot!!!!

blythe said...

Fun to see those pictures of the Reagan and Kennedy inaugurations and balls!
Some people are saying Obama's been getting too much hype and glamorization, but it's pretty much a fact that every president gets a fancy schmancy ceremony and ball. It's just that this time, more people are paying attention.

Carrie said...

I wonder who "Anonymous" was.... Bammer?!

Blythe - I knew you would appreciate those other pictures! :)