Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Great News! George Update!

Just got a phone call from Jordan - George is AWAKE, BREATHING ON HIS OWN, and TALKING! It looks like there is NO SIGN of brain damage! Praise the Lord! 

This is truly a miracle, and we are all already seeing SO many ways that God is using this event in the lives of so many. 

Thank you Lord. Thank you for letting us all have George for longer on this earth. Sometimes it's hard to understand Your ways, and why You do certain things, but I am not even trying to understand right now, I am just so thankful that You have chosen George to stay here longer. 

Couple of things:

1 - I will keep you updated on the situation with accepting visitors...

2 - I am trying to set up meals for Dona and the boys to be delivered to her house for as long as possible - please let me know if you can help at all by emailing me at 

1 comment:

blythe said...

you might want to change the meal delivery to every other day...or tell people to only prepare for two people, since adam's gone to vegas...

but, that was a great idea. thanks for everything you're doing and have done carrie. !!