Wednesday, January 28, 2009

George Update - WEDNESDAY II

Hi! So the past couple of days have been somewhat hectic for the Sabolick's, but George is now at the Kaiser hospital in Irvine, and things are beginning to calm down.
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I went and saw him today and he is waaay better than the last time I saw him. He fully remembered me and we had a long and coherent conversation. Everything is looking good as far as his memory, but now it is going to be a long process for him to physically heal. He has to do physical therapy, and it looks like it is going to be months until he is fully better again. They have no idea how long they will be in the hospital for.  

George and Dona are now open to visitors, but it would probably be good to call Dona before you visit just because, all times, are not good times. I would dare to say that for the rest of the week, it would be good to have family and close friends visiting only. But they are in a BIG beautiful room at Irvine that is very comfortable, and I am sure that they would start to appreciate flowers. Flowers would really bring some cheer in that room! If you send flowers, you can send them to George Sabolick, and he is on the third floor. 

Thank you for all your prayers, and I know that they would still appreciate your prayers. If you have a chance today (whenever you are reading this), please pray for George, Dona, Adam, and Jordan individually. God knows what they each need specifically, so please, pray for them. 



Psalm37 said...

Hey Carrie, Thanks for keeping us all updated on how George is doing. I will keep George and his family in prayer. Take Care.
Rachel Fricke

Carrie said...

Thank you Rachel!