Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First amAzing weekend of 2009!

God is so good to me. GREAT is His faithfulness.

My weekend started out on Friday night with a BEAUTIFUL wedding between two dear friends of mine - Kyle and Sarah Fox. I was so glad that I made it on time to a wedding in Burbank, on a Friday at 5pm. I cut it close, but I was there to see Sarah walk down the aisle, and what a sight that was! She was beautiful, and glowing. Sarah walked down the aisle and the first thing she and Kyle decided to do was to have everyone sing "Great is Thy Faithfulness". I had been singing this song a lot in my head lately, and so it just touched my heart. It touched my heart especially at this wedding because of Sarah's testimony involving the church we were all in.

The boys

Loved this.

I stole this picture from facebook

Sarah was still in her mother's womb when her father died of cancer at a very young age. I knew this already, but her pastor told us the story of how there were 4 women in that room when Sarah was born, and a whole church surrounding their family during that time. They all surrounded the Bibelheimer's (Sarah's family), promising to pray for them, and help Sarah's mom bring her daughters up. Sarah's pastor brought me to tears as we all realized what God had done in protecting Sarah over the years, and bringing her into this amazing relationship with Kyle. Great is His faithfulness! So I was just bawling because of God's goodness, and then Kyle's dad got up there to say a few things, and that's when I started taking notes because he had a lot of good things to say. My favorite thing Mr. Fox said - "The key to a good marriage is to have low expectations of your spouse, and high expectations of yourself." Genius.

The reception followed the ceremony, and was held at an amazing restaurant - The Castaway - that overlooked the entirety of Los Angeles (and in which I would like to go on a date one day...). It was seriously breath taking. I had a BLAST hanging out with my friends that I hadn't seen in a long time, and it was such a blessing to be a part of that day.

Amazing banquet room.

Their speeches were awesome.

Joel and Rachel :)

Conga Line

The view of LA from the banquet room

Justin, Matt, and Jay (I promised them I would put them on my blog) :)

I got home late Friday night with a key in my hand to my new place and I was stoked. I frantically finished packing and cleaning until 2am, and awoke around 8am to get up and start moving. Special thanks to my cousins Mike and Teresa for helping me SO much. They let me live in their home for many months, and they helped me move; they are incredible people. Thanks to my mom and dad for coming out after I frantically called them on Friday night at midnight telling them I needed their help, after I had been telling them I didn't for weeks before. Thank you to Jono and Simone for coming and helping me get rid of the couches that the boys left in the garage (though they were not supposed too...). Thank you to Holli's (my new roomie) friends who came and helped move all the heavy stuff back into the house, and set up the cable and internet! And finally, thank you to Chris, Matt, and John, for leaving the entertainment center, tv, dining room table, fridge, washer and dryer, bookcases, a desk, and the beautiful picture of you boys. We wouldn't be comfortable here without all of that stuff. Great is His faithfulness!

The Knepper's loading up the truck full of junk

Almost clean garage

Jono is so IE in this truck...

Living room view #1

Living room view #2

Simone (The Kneppers always seem to be helping people move...they are amazing)

I got to my new house on Saturday, unloaded all my stuff, and looked at my watch - it was noon. I had to leave at 3:30pm for another wedding that day, and I was in a panic. But somehow, God just multiplied my time because I finished everything I needed too in those few hours. Now, I couldn't find anything at all because everything was packed away, but it at least it was all in my room. I got ready for the wedding, and ran out the door. I made it just in time to see Josh and Kaitlin Saenz start a new life together. They were married at Sea Shores Church which is in Monarch Beach. It was beautiful. It was just a beautiful day too! The middle of January, and it was gorgeous outside! Josh and Kaitlin met because their little brother and sister were dating (how cute is that!). The bro and sis broke up, and Josh and Kaitlin became inseparable.

Walking down the aisle

Love this picture by Devon Earl

Lighting the candles

Another shot by Devon - the moon

It was a gorgeous, January, California day

The sun was a blazing

Steve and Mark

The reception was at El Adobe in San Juan Capistrano, and it was spectacular! The roof opens up! It was just a great place, I highly recommend going there. I had a great time dancing the night away with other friends I hadn't seen in a while - Devon, Steve, Rich, Kristen, and Mark. I also met some new friends, so that was great. All in all, I was SO blessed by the weddings I went too this weekend. I was a crying mess at both of them, but God just really showed up in my life during those weddings; it was awesome.

Entering Mr. and Mrs. Saenz

The roof opened up for their first dance! So amazing!

Josh wanted this one on my blog ;)

We had a great time

The boys


Sunday morning came around and I was exhausted. I woke up and dragged myself out of bed (slowly), but in my new home! I pulled up to work and I saw a police car in the front of my church. I ran inside the side door, to the front of the building to see what was happening, and I was not expecting to see this:

Three of our windows had been shot out sometime over the weekend! I couldn't believe it! Chris Norman, Jono, and Simone were all standing there with the cop, and we were all just like, "Oh great." But, life goes on... We regrouped, and the men in our church swung into action. I called the insurance company, and we were good to go to get it fixed. The men boarded the holes up, and well - church happened. In Junior High, we prayed for the people who vandalized our building. I reminded the kids that we are to pray for, and love our enemies. Luckily, nothing was stolen. And we know for sure that they didn't come into the building, so praise God because it could have been A LOT worse.

I stayed late into the day to prepare for Chris Reinhardt's going away party that I was co-hosting along with his family. This turned out to be one of the best events I have ever had anything to do with. There were over 100 people there, and it was just AWESOME to be able to see so many people who currently go to our church, and others who have left us over the years. Chris had such an IMPACT on so many lives over the (almost) 4 years that he was out here at Kingsfield Church, and he will truly be missed.

Chris has been such a great friend to me over those (almost) 4 years. We worked in youth ministry together as interns, and then we ran the youth ministry together until Jono and Simone came, and then I had the pleasure of working with him again for these past few months after I came back in May. We have had so many great memories over the years...


Summer Camp (7 hour bus ride)

Houseboat trip

Broom Hockey

Travis Concert

Geek Golf

Arcade Fire Concert

80's Night

Chris and I were able to be a part of each other's lives during a crucial time of our growth process into adulthood, and I think we both learned a lot from our friendship. I have never worked at this church without him, and it is going to be SO weird not having him in his office anymore. He has already been GREATLY missed by all of us, as we are trying to figure out all the things that he did. Chris is going to be going to Belize for a few months this Spring, and he will be helping to build and set up an outreach coffee house in the middle of town. This is PERFECT for him because he can definitely help with hard labor, and he used to work at Starbucks for many years (so he knows a thing or two about coffee shops). He is also brilliant when it comes to anything with the internet, so he will be the perfect fit for helping set up the internet there, and he is also going to build the ministry's website (they have none). Chris will also be blogging! You can check up on him at ReinhardtInBelize.blogspot.com. He hasn't written anything yet, but he says he will.


There are monkey's in Belize

Catered by Maureen..mmmm


Chris saying his final goodbye's

Frank in a mullet. Standard.

So many people! So much fun!

After the church party, us crazy kids had an after party at Camyron's beach palace. This turned out to be a fantastic party! We had a great time taking funny pictures, chatting, and playing catch phrase (my team won by the way...). At one point in the night, we all looked at each other and said, "Well, this is kind of it huh?" We all just kind of knew that things would be changing from here on out. With Chris leaving, and John and Sarah getting married etc., we just knew that this was kind of an end to an era, and the start of something new. Kinda sad.

Holla atcha red cups!

"Everybody grab an item!"

A better one...

Chris and his reeeally good friends, Chris and Tori Fik

I got home at midnight, and awoke at 6am on Monday for my first day of work at my second job. By this time, I was seriously exhausted. I wanted to make sure I got there on time so I left an entire HOUR early, though my job is only 20 miles away (in Fountain Valley). As soon as I got on the 405, it was dead stop traffic. I mean, it was so stopped I knew there had to be an accident. I literally went MAYBE 5 miles in 30 minutes. I was mortified. Eventually the traffic let up, and there were 4 wrecked cars on the side of the highway.


I only got there 15 minutes late, but I was THE last person to walk in (so embarassed). Orientation was tedious because I had heard it all before. Being stuck in a room for 8 hours listening to someone talk is not fun. But I made new friends fast, and the lady next to me even hit me up to babysit her twelve year old daughter. How awesome is that! A junior higher! Maybe I could get her to come to camp... then this second job would be totally worth it already! Great is His faithfulness! I finished up orientation, and went to talk to my boss about my schedule. I am going to work Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday of this week from 6pm - 11pm (later on Friday) to train. It is going to be a looong week but I am super pumped about it.

I went over to the human resources to get my badge before I left, and I overheard a conversation about how the hospital gives grants to nursing students if they promise to work for them for 2 years. A lot of hospitals do that, but it definitely got me thinking. When I quit nursing the first time around, I was just so burned out with hospitals, and grumpy nurses. I had no sympathy or patience towards the patients, and I just didn't value human life like I should have been. So when I walked across that stage at Biola to receive my degree in Biblical Studies, I felt like God was telling me, "You are ready to be a nurse now..." I have kind of been ignoring that ever since, but God just keeps putting it on my heart. Sooooo - I am seriously going to pray about going back into nursing, and I would appreciate your prayers as well.

Some Pro's for me going back into nursing:
  • I could have a stable, good paying job, for the rest of my life. I would only have to work 3 days a week, and would have 4 days off to volunteer in ministry or in the community.
  • I would be able to help people in their biggest time of need! If I was a nurse, I would definitely stay in the ER world for a bit, and I would just be able to really have an impact on people's lives, when they need it the most. This really excites me.
  • I would be able to travel ANYWHERE and find a job. I can also BE a "traveling nurse". Taking 13 week assignments all over the country. I could work in Chicago, NYC, DC, Seattle...all the big cities I would love to live in (for a short time) one day.
  • I would have the ability to do medical missions overseas. This is the one pro that really motivates me. Over the past two years, I have become so passionate about valuing every single human life - fighting for voices that can't be heard, trying to get food in hungry stomach's, and clean water into bodies. Being able to bring the healing of medicine to people in need all over the world would open up so many doors for me to glorify God.
Please be praying for me as I try to discern if this is where God is leading, and if this is why he brought me back to Orange County, and if this is why I had to get a second job (to become passionate about nursing again). Also be praying as I decide which school I should be gearing my pre-req classes towards. My top choice right now is John Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland (Is it not totally beautiful there!?).


Baltimore, Maryland
But they have an awesome accelerated nursing program (because I already have my degree) which would enable me to graduate in 14 months! What do YOU think?!

Great is His Faithfulness, Lord unto me.


Anonymous said...

Carrie I really enjoyed this blog!!!

p.s. the pictures of you guys during the house boat trip are priceless!! Everyone looks so little! :-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the nursing thing could be so great! Keep me posted on your decision!

Love Jessie

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holy cow, blog post of the century!

this was seriously like 6 posts in one. good for you!

Simone Knepper said...

i liked the reference to IMPACT!

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Who are you first "anonymous"?

Yes, this was a long one... but definitely one of my fave's! :)