Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Email about George

I have been blessed to have received some emails through my blog from people who were at the NAMM show with George when he had a heart attack (so thank you!). I wanted to post this one on my blog because I was so encouraged by it!


Thank you so much for the wonderful updates on George’s condition. We have all been waiting and praying for his recovery, but details have been difficult to come by.

I can’t tell you how glad we are that we were able to respond so quickly with the proper medical aid. An off-duty Ventura County Fireman/Paramedic was right there when George went down and began CPR almost immediately. The NAMM EMS team was there to assist within one minute, and the Anaheim Fire Department was involved within 3 minutes. All-in-all there were 8 paramedics working on him within moments of his cardiac event.

I’m very glad that everything went right and that someone is alive today due to the quick and professional work of combined agencies.

Please keep us informed. When he recovers we’d like to see him and do something special for him.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with him for a rapid and full recovery.

(He wrote his name here, but I don't know if he wants it posted on my blog, but he works for the NAMM awesome is that!)

Thanks so much to everyone who has been praying! And thank you to all the EMS personnel who was there helping George! I have sat through many classes on CPR, and know the statistics for surviving a cardiac arrest, and the statistics sky rocket when the response time with CPR and defibrillation are immediately in contact with the patient. There is NO doubt in my mind that the quick response from the off duty fire fighter, NAMM show EMS, and Anaheim fire department, saved the life of George, so thank you!

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blythe said...

such a miracle that he was at that show when it happened...!!