Sunday, November 30, 2008

Great movie weekend!

I saw two movies this weekend, and I loved them both! 

First off,  I saw the movie "Get Smart". This movie was HILARIOUS, and pretty "clean". I was seriously laughing so much all throughout this movie, and I loved the story line. I don't like to review movies in too much detail because I don't want to give anything away, so if you haven't seen it, then go rent it today!

Second, I saw the much talked about "Twilight". I haven't read any of the books, and I heard not so great reviews, so I was a little skeptical as I walked inside the movie theater with my 15-year old sister. But apparently I am a sucker for a love story that brings difficulty, and I LOVED this movie. Now, the greatest part about the movie (to me) is the different characters. I just loved the characters. And knowing that there are books out there that will go into much more detail, made me literally want to run to Barnes and Noble and buy them right after the movie. And I am going to do this...I will probably buy the first one tonight and I am stoked about it. I am a sucker for pop culture, and I am officially a "Twilight" fan. 

Friday, November 28, 2008

I hate the Christmas season.

As I am sure you have heard already, a WalMart employee was killed as he was trampled to death when the store in New York opened its doors this morning. At first I thought that the employee must have been older, and maybe he had a heart attack, but wasn't reeeally trampled. But no, if you read the article here, then you will realize that the man was not old, he was 34 years old, and therefore, must have been seriously trampled. 

This is the epitome of why I hate the Christmas season. 

I know that there will probably be lots of blogs posted about how we have lost sight of the real reason we are celebrating - Jesus Christ - but that's a good thing, because we HAVE lost sight people!

Material wealth has just completely overtaken our society and it is really making me sick. I mean, I don't want to be one of those crazy parents who doesn't do the whole Santa thing, or buy presents (so my kids resent me), but my future children are just lucky they are not here yet because I don't know what I would be doing this year. People get so wrapped up (no pun intended) into buying presents for everyone, and spending so much money on parties, new clothes, decorations, etc. etc, and for what?!

I mean, I am ALL FOR giving gifts to people that I love. I love celebrating people's birthdays, and I LOVE giving things to people "just because"...but I HATE giving gifts for Christmas. I just want to tell people, "Hey, guess what? Jesus was born, Merry Christmas. That should be a good enough gift for a lifetime...oh wait, it is." 

Last night I was watching the news with all those crazy people who have been sleeping at Best Buy since Monday night, and I was just so shocked. I'm looking at those people and I am just thinking to myself - "Do they really need that flat screen TV? ... Do they really need that Ipod?" What about me? What do I really need this Christmas? Well, I need a second job so I can live ;) But is this just no the epitome of America? The America that is in a deep economic crisis? I am sure most of the stuff bought today was on a sweet little credit card. 

Anyway, my point is - what do we really need? I already have what I really need - eternal life. Isn't it amazing that no one can take that away from me? Shouldn't we be trampling people (to death!) for that, instead of sale items? You can't tell me there are no idols in the 21st century. 

"Pop Culture"

This blog has been in the works for awhile...

So I began to realize how uncool I was around this past Halloween. People were dressed up as “High School Musical” stars, and I had never seen any of those movies. The other day I was on ITunes, buying the new Coldplay EP (which is awesome by the way), and I noticed that someone named “Taylor Swift” was the top selling artist; I have no idea who that is. Camyron, Stefanie, and Aubree just spent a lot of money on tickets to see the “Jonas Brothers” and I have never heard one of their songs before. The Worrell kids and I were watching the American Music Awards on Sunday night, and some guy by the name of Chris Brown won best artist of the year – I had no idea who he was. Pam (our intern) was super stoked about the midnight showing of “Twilight”, and I hadn’t even heard about it. I saw a commercial for the movie the other day, and the announcer said it was a “huge hit in pop culture.” That’s when I realized, I am so not cool when it comes to pop culture anymore.

A normal day for me looks something like reading the headlines on, finishing up a book on where religion meets politics, listening to a John Piper message online, reading religious blogs (like Frank’s), and finishing off the day by watching Jon Stewart episodes on my cousins TIVO. In most of the world’s eyes, I am officially – a total loser.

But I do have one venue where I keep myself cool to pop culture. It’s my one little bad habit where I just zone out for about 22 minutes every week. That little bad habit is called, “The Hills”. The Hills is in it’s millioneth season, but it never gets old. I am not sure why I still watch this show because it is so dramatic it made my old roommate want to pull her hair out while she listened to the ladies argue over my computer screen. But for some reason, it totally relaxes me. I think it relaxes me because I usually walk away at 10:30 on Monday nights feeling reeeeally good about my life. Maybe you watch this show, maybe not, but I have a few things to say, and I hope the entire cast of “The Hills” reads this blog.
First off, Heidi – please, please, please, dump Spencer. That kid is just the most ridiculous person, and you are the sweetest thing ever. You need to get rid of him, and find someone who is way better. Then you can probably get all your friends back, and your office. You have lost your family, friends, and job because of him…NO good.

Second, Audrina – Lauren would never try to steal Justin Bobby, because no one wants to be with Justin Bobby. What kind of boyfriend doesn’t return your calls for a week…numerous times!? Get rid of Justin Bobby, and go hang out with that Australian boy again.
Thirdly, Lo – weren’t you engaged? Where did that guy go? Did I miss that episode? Did you ruin your life to move in with Lauren so that you could be cool again?

Finally, Lauren – I think you are pretty cool. Unless the show doesn’t show me how mean you are, I think you are pretty legit. You are always faithful to your friends, and you have such a calm spirit about you. I don’t know why drama follows you everywhere you go, but just keep working away at FIDM, and enjoy life.
Oh, and Jesus loves you all…

Thursday, November 27, 2008


Happy Thanksgiving! You probably don't want to read this blog until AFTER you eat, but it's your choice. :)

It's been a whole week since I have blogged, and I have missed it terribly! This is my first time on the Internet since Monday morning because I was stricken by a "24-hour" flu bug. Though I don't like to call it a "bug"...I called it a "flu-terrorist attack on my insides".

I legitimately cannot recall a time where I have been more sick than these past few days. A couple years ago I had pneumonia, but that was kind of a different sickness. That was a sickness where I couldn't breathe, and the pain was subsided because I was in the hospital. The flu is a sickness where nothing can help you. You just have to ride it out because there is nothing you can do. You can't take medicine because it won't stay in your system, and you can't go to the hospital because you will look ridiculous.

My "flu" started on Sunday night. I was on my way to the prayer meeting at church and I wasn't feeling very well. Because I wasn't feeling well, I didn't go into the prayer room, but I stayed in my office (probably sparing a lot of people from my disease now that I look back). But after a little bit, I felt better, and so I went over to the Worrell's to "babysit". I felt totally fine. Woke up the next morning and was on with my day. I came home to my cousin's house to find out that they had been stricken with a flu bug. I started getting nervous and nauseous, but thought that it was all in my head. I was meeting my new roommates for dinner at Pei Wei, and though I didn't feel very good, but I still went because I thought (again) it was all in my head. After dinner, I popped over to a friends house, and at that point, I was really not feeling well.

I went home and thought that maybe I was just tired so I set my alarm and went to bed. Little did I know that I wouldn't be needing my alarm because I was angrily awoken by my stomach a few hours later. It was a horrible night, but all I could keep thinking of was, "I need to go to work... I need to go to work." You see, we already have Thursday and Friday off this week for the holidays, and I have SO much stuff to do (I am going in tomorrow by the way...not because I have too...). One thing that especially needed to be done was the church bulletin. I was supposed to send it right on Tuesday morning (at the latest) because of the holiday. On Tuesday morning I was so completely out of it. My fever was burning up, I was totally delirious, and anytime I moved at all - I was "sick".

So anyway, needless to say that the entire Tuesday was just horrendous. My mom eventually came over to bring 7-up and duct tape for my car because it was supposed to rain. ;)
On Tuesday night I was counting down the hours, just praying that this was only 24-hour bug. I couldn't watch movies, or read...all I could do was try to focus on my sickness going away and focus on not moving. At around midnight, I started to become really delirious, and I thought I was seeing lizards all over my walls...horrible! Plus, I would fall asleep for like 20 minute periods of time, and I would have these crazy dreams. I remember that they were about all of these people who were in the room with me and I just wanted them to was weird.

Finally, I hit my breaking point at 2:30am Wednesday morning. It was weird. I was "sick", and then I came back to bed, and I just felt the "bug" was pretty much gone from my body. Then, in a matter of seconds, I became so thirsty and so hot. I started sipping on cold water, which helped tremendously, and then I just passed out. I awoke at around 7am to realize that the bulletin was still not sent in (long story), and so much needed to be done. I was determined to go into work and so I got up and took a shower that lasted about 5 minutes until I almost passed out. I just couldn't do body needed to recover.

Of course I felt guilty. Mostly because I think I work in best place ever, full of the most wonderful people you would ever meet...but they are also the most un-sympathetic people you will ever meet too. I am the sympathetic one! So when THE sympathetic one is out sick, she gets no sympathy. I just hated missing Thanksgiving service. Holiday services are always my favorite! I was especially excited for this one for a few reasons - (1) All of our pastors (Chris N, Frank, and Jonathan) were going to speak in segments (something new!), (2) We would break up the segments with worship (love that idea!), (3) This was going to be Chris (R's) last Thanksgiving service at our church. :(
Simone, does that prove to you enough that I wanted to be there and would have not taken a "whole day to recover" if I didn't need it? ;)
So ya, needless to say, I really wanted to go to church on Wednesday night, but I just still felt pretty lousy.

In other news, unfortunately, my sickness still didn't solve my problems of getting the flu shot or not. My cousin Mike go the flu shot and he was sick. I never get the flu shot and I was sick. So lets keep track of the sicknesses on my blog here. Let me know if this flu strikes you anytime soon, and if it does, let me offer some advice -

1 - 7-up. You must stay hydrated.
2 - Chicken noodle broth in the recovery stages
3 - Take Tylenol as soon as you know it will stay in your system
4 - Find someone to give you sympathy, you'll need it
5 - Ride it out...don't go to the ER unless it lasts (at the least) more than 24 hours.

I am so happy that the Lord has healed my body in enough time to be with my family. Though I don't think I will be able to eat the traditional Thanksgiving dinner, I am just thankful to be alive and well. While I was sick, I was thinking of all the people in the world who are dealing with cancer or other disease's on a daily basis (they don't go away after 24 hours), and I was so thankful for my health, and just the breath of life to live another day. We have so many things to be thankful for!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Junior Highers are Awesome!

So, I am back from Seattle and it was a great trip! I was so happy to be back with my junior highers at youth group last night; they are wonderful!

Last night we talked about how much God loves us, and we went through the Bible looking at all the different ways God loves us. At the end, I asked the kids - "So, do you understand how much God loves you?!" And one of the students was like, "Yah. God doesn't just LOVE us...He like...LOVES us...with an 's'...He like, reeeeally LOVES us..." 

How cute is that?! 

THEN, I have been trying to teach the kids a big word here and there, and so I have been working on "propitiation". I seriously almost started crying last night when they could define "propitiation". How amazing is it when an 11 year old can literally define "propitiation" for you!? Ah! So exciting! 

I have also been teaching them Dr. Lunde's "servant - disciple - king" triangle, and I keep repeating it over and over and over...they can totally write it up on the board now. They have it down! And I love how they relate "propitiation" with the triangle! Because of "propitiation" (servant to disciple), we then honor the king by obeying His commands, and therefore become more like the servant, Jesus. I love it! 

Anyway, things are going amaaaazing. And here are some pictures from a recent hawaiian bowling night we had. Our first real, Friday night event!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Last full day in Seattle.

Oh wow-we-wow-woa - I had SO much fun over the past 4 days. Seriously, one of the best trips ever. The four of us accomplished SO much, and we all had a blast. Now that the trip is coming to an end, feelings are bittersweet. Bitter because Camy and I don't want to leave our lovies! But "sweet", because I think that if we have to spend one more full day together, we will kill each other ;)

We keep joking about how we have cabin fever because we have not been away from each other the entire trip. But I have experienced worse traveling buddies, so I wanna say for the record - each one of these girls is an awesome traveler! 

Bethany - Always has a good attitude. 

Maritza - Knows directions (most of the time...).

Camyron - Makes me laugh hysterically. 

So, more about Camyron here for a second before I forget. If you have never hung out with Camyron, then you wouldn't know that she is just kind of a klutz. I use the words "kind of" to be nice (don't worry, I warned her this was goin' on the blog)...

This trip has just been HILARIOUS with Camy...hilarious. Whether it's the bathroom stops we all have to take every single 1.5 hours, or the way she is cold and tired always...she keeps us laughing. Here are some particular funny stories that happened this weekend:

#1 - What's that Beeping Noise?

So we are by the space needle and the girls go to take money out of the ATM machine. Well right by the ATM machine is the perfect picture taking spot, and so Camyron got so caught up in the moment, she completely left her card IN the ATM machine. So this loud beeping keeps going off, and we are all completely ignoring it but Camyron just keeps saying, "What's that beeping noise?! What's that beeping noise?!" I keep telling her, "I don't know Camyron...I don't know...." Finally she realizes that it's her ATM was so funny. 

#2 - My SIM card is full!

This one is classic. A day in to the trip, Camyron's pictures on her camera fill up and so she starts deleting some, but it keeps filling up really fast and so she deletes more. Camyron literally cannot figure out WHY there are so many pictures on her camera ALL the time. Finally she hands her camera over to Tita to check it out, and Tita yells out, "Camyron, you don't even have a SIM card in here!" We laughed so hard. 

#3 - Bye bye milkshake

This is a klutz story - in the hotel, computer hooked into a wire, Camy goes to get up with the computer, flings back because she is still hooked to the wire and spills her milkshake EVERYWHERE. Bethany and I could barely even laugh anymore because I think we were just so stunned that one person could do so many things to make us laugh hysterically. 

There are so many other funny stories with Camyron...I just need to remember them. 

So for now - more pictures!

Us at our hotel which was 3 blocks from the space needle

Space Needle - do you hear the beeping in the background?...

We all had to have one...


Tita's is cute. :)

Zeek's pizza, where God let us graciously encourage someone in His name again!

I was excited. :)

Yum. We went veggie for Bethany.

Me and Tita


This is a great picture! excited...

Pike Market Place - YAY!

We were so excited! And we drank too much coffee...

Cute little coffee shop

Funny one

So much fresh produce everywhere - yum!

Inside the market place

The girls

Hair weaving

"Careful girls, those are hott!"


Bethany looks so little...

FISH! See videos below!

We went and tasted A LOT of tea - for FREE!

This place was awesome



The city at night!

Where are we going next?

We dared her.

Seriously, best mall sushi ever.

And this is the magical lady who made it (on the left...)

So we were also able to take some videos for you! I think you will LOVE them!

This is us at the marketplace where they are famous for throwing fish...

This is us taping outside the first Starbucks ever. The guy was great, the lady was kinda crazy, and a minute into the video, and even more crazy guy walked up and tried attacking us ;)

I come in a little late into the video because I was inside looking for cool starbucks stuff and all of a sudden everyone is looking at the commotion outside through the window. I went to look and found this: 

Sooo ya. I have had a great time out here. Hopefully I will be able to post more pictures and stories at a later time. 

I am SO blessed to have been able to go on this trip. I am so thankful for my work giving me time off so I could be refreshed and humbled by the things I have seen over the past few days. I am so thankful for the Lord giving us grace in the ways of good weather (amaaaazing weather), keeping us safe as we walked around the cities, bringing us new amazing people into our lives, and just giving the 4 of us this amazing experience together. 

God is so good, and He is always providing me so many good things here on this earth.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Vacation Day 2 - Portland, Oregon

Hi! Well first off, if you don't know, I am up here in Seattle visiting Bethany and Maritza because they go to the Bible college up here. It has been so great seeing them, and it has been wonderful meeting all their new friends and roomies, and getting a glimpse into their life out here! An end is coming to my second day on vacation, and I have already had SO much fun!

Today (Saturday), we spent the day in Portland, Oregon. Portland is about 3 hours south of Seattle, and is also home to our friend Eric (from our home church in Irvine). So we thought it would be great to take a mini road trip in our awesome rent-a-car and go see Eric. :)

We stopped off at the capitol on was beautiful...

I definitely took the best picture of the day...

In color...

Just the four of us...


Headed into Portland...

Lots of bridges...

We went to a street faire...

Ate Gyro's...

Cool shot by Bethany...

Then there is always this guy...
And this guy too...

Camyron, Kettle Corn, Big bus in the background...

Me and the hat I should have bought...

The entire place was named "Skidmore" (Maritza's last name!)

Street Faire under a bridge in Downtown Portland

These water fountains never stopped a-floatin'...

Powell's Bookstore! BY FAR the greatest reason to live in Portland

I was SO excited about the ROWS of "Christian" books...we spent sooo long in here...

And I walked away with some good finds!

We met up with Eric for dinner and had to pay no sale tax. I love Oregon...

Eric and Maritza (Eric goes to law school in Portland...he's pretty smart)...
Such a great day!!!

I can't wait for tomorrow because we will be checking into our hotel in downtown Seattle, which is 2 blocks from the space needle. I can't wait to get right into the city! We are also going to check out Mars Hill Church. :)