Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Just a Little Taste of My Day...

Wednesday April 30th, 2008:

230am - Fall asleep
7am - wakeup
8am - hour and fifteen minute long group presentation on the book of James
930am - Finish my project for Pauline Literature
1030am - Turn in project and take Pauline Literature midterm
1120am - Head over to library to finish 8 page (single-spaced) paper on the theology of Exodus
1200pm - Get sound guys for show, and Olive Crest people...head over to the mail room to send something to my parents...back to the library now...
130pm - Turn in paper, and complete a group presentation on John Sailhamer
300pm - Go to NT use of the OT and try my hardest to stay awake during presentations for 2 hours and FIFTY minutes...(yah, 3 hours)
600pm - Run home to grab all my graduation announcements, go to post office to see that it's closed. Decide to go to costco for free samples. :)
630pm - No good free samples, come home.
700pm - Sleep
900pm - Wakeup, send out a million emails, and create schedule for Rock4Justice
Currently - I am about to go read about the book of Ezekiel, because I better figure it out fast, or I am in big trouble...

how many more days?....

What I will Miss Most About Biola #23

I am cutting it veeeery close here...

#23 - Alexander Brown

Okay, background to the story:

I was telling Alex that I was doing this special series for my blog and the first thing that came out of his mouth was, "Well, I better be one of the things you miss the most!"

I thought it was just the funniest thing I had ever heard because he wasn't even hesitant about it.

THEN (he is going to kill me for writing this...), the other day, he was talking about how there were two competing concerts, and how that was a bummer etc., but then I realized...I never even told him about the competing concerts.

I then asked him how he knew that.

Alex got really embarassed and was adamant that he didn't READ my blog...but only SKIMMED it...sometimes.

MmmmHmmm....suuure Alex. So from that point on, he definitely deserved a place in the top 30 (and no one else is allowed to ask me to dedicate a blog to them because he was the first, and he will be the last).

But seriously, Alex is great...he has been entertaining over these past 2 years, and I will miss him...because he's kinda flakey, therefore, I will probably never see him again after I graduate ;)

What I will miss about Alex:

#1 - The way he always wants to try to find something new about the Bible, but then ends up in heretical territory.
#2 - All of his sarchastic remarks which come out of nowhere.
#3 - The way he can always find a way to complain about an assignment, IN the actual assignment, so the teacher knows (true talent).
#4 - And mostly, I will miss looking at his long blond locks, everyday, basically in almost all, of my classes.

Alex, you will be missed.

Oh and PS, Ladies - he's single. least I think so...Alex, can you verify for us since you are such a faithful reader of my blog? ;)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Random thoughts:

5 out of 6 times I started my car today, Muse was on the radio. By the 3rd time, it was kind of weird...but tonight when I got off work at midnight, it definitely sealed the deal of weirdness.

I don't like "Nine Inch Nails" at all.

I have this weird fear of talking on the phone. Okay, it's not really a "fear", but I just hate talking on the phone. I avoid it at all costs, not returning phone calls, while digging myself deeper into a phone hole because eventually I am going to see that person again and have to explain why I never called them back.

The septum tank blew up at work today. It smelled really bad, everywhere.

It's so hot outside, so my roommate and I have decided to leave the air conditioning on full blast, at all times. This makes for cold nights in the living room...brrrr....

I graduate college in 26 days, but I have the following left to accomplish:

2 Greek projects (plus all homework that I have slacked off on)
James Presentation
Pauline Lit Midterm and project
OT Theology Presentation
Pauline Lit Diversity Paper
Paragraph summary and theological paper on Numbers
Theological Paper on Exodus
Final paper on my marriage research
Presentation for marriage research findings
HUGE NT use of the OT paper and presentation of research findings
Greek Presentation
Pauline Lit Final Exam
NT Theology final exam (whaever it ends up consisting of)
Move all of my stuff out of my apartment and into cousins house (whom I need to call!) ;)
Say goodbye to all my friends at Biola... *tear*

Seriously, I am totally overwhelmed. But I am going to look back at this blog in 26 days and feel very accomplished.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Low Position

There are so many things I should be doing right the massive amounts of homework that is piling up to my ears. But I had to get these thoughts out before I lose them. Sometimes I wish I had more time to blog so what I say could sound better (especially when it comes to grammar), so forgive me if there are errors.

I have a presentation on the book of James on Wednesday and something that has been sticking out to me is in chapter one, where James says:

"The brother in humble circumstances ought to take pride in his high position. But the one who is rich should take pride in his low position, because he will pass away like a wild flower." James 1:9-10

Last night I was meditating on this statement, trying to think about all the times I try with all my might to put myself in some sort of "high position". This could very from situation to situation, but I think a good example for me to use is church ministry. For some strange reason, people look highly towards ministers of the gospel. But by "highly", I mean that they look to "ministers" as people of importance, placing them in a high position. Sometimes, as a past church staff worker (and soon to be one again), it can be easy to fall into the mindset of feeling important, and in a high position. Don't get me wrong, ministers are very important and they do have a "high" position in the sense that they will be "highly" judged for doing wrong, but the position is nothing to be prideful about.

We are the lowest of the low.

For years I have been reading through the New Testament, and I have read (and memorized!...thank you Dr. Thoennes) this passage in Philippians, but for some reason, it really hit me today.

I am going to skip around a bit, but you can find the whole thing in the passage: Philippians 2:1-11

"Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit, but in humility consider others better than yourselves...Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus:

Who being in the very nature of God, did not consider equality with God something to be grasped, but made himself nothing, taking the very nature of a servant, being made in human likeness.

And being found in appearance as a man, he humbled himself and became obedient to death - even death on a cross!

Therefore God exalted him to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name..."

I have read this passage a million times, but the Holy Spirit is just speaking it so loudly and clearly to me today, it's beautiful. Thank you Lord.

Christ isn't asking too much of us when he asks us to humble ourselves, to put ourselves in a low position, because He has already showed us the ultimate example of this by laying down his life for our immortality. Who are we to try and put ourselves in a high position? And even if we try to do so, we will never reach the high position that Christ is going to put us in one day...

"And God raised us up with Christ and seated us with him in the heavenly realms of Jesus Christ..." Ephesians 2:6

We are so undeserving, but one day, we will be raised to the highest position attainable. It is not our goal on earth to reach that position, it is our goal to show Christ's love to others who don't know Him, and to do so, we must imitate our Lord's example of this. We must daily submit ourselves to seeking humility that is Christlike, and daily take pride in our low position.

Jesus was tempted and he struggled, but he took pride in his low position because he loved us. Lord, help me to love others so that I too can consistently put myself in a low position, as I look forward to the exaltation that will be eventually given to me through the Father, because of Christ's sacrifice.

Sunday, April 27, 2008


Legitimately one of the craziest things I have ever seen:

I guess I need to stop complaning about gas prices, because if the subway would bring this, I don't know if I want it.. ;)

Thank you JT for the link.

What I will Miss Most About Biola #24

#24 = Mock Rock

This year, someone had the guts to impersonate this famous youtube guy:

Here is the Biola one:

This one won 2nd, but it was my favorite. I love the gangster part..I only wish it would have shown the whole thing :(

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Rock4Justice in the paper.

Biola's newspaper, The Chimes, published an article about the upcoming Rock4Justice Show. It's a lovely article; you can read it here, or see below!

Social Justice Ministry reaches out locally, showcases live music
By Mitchell Young
April 24, 2008, 4:11 p.m.

Kicking off a packed month of social events, Social Justice Ministry’s Rock 4 Justice concert brings both local talent and a local ministry to Sutherland Auditorium. The show is juggling a unique and impressive genre-spanning billing.

Solo artist Erin McLaughlin’s folk-inspired music will share the stage with the v-neck shirts and indie rock riffs of Voxhaul Broadcast. Perhaps the most well-known band playing, Aushua, will bring its passionate rock to Biola before hitting the road for a series of May dates with fellow Orange County rockers Thrice (coincidentally fronted by former Biola undergraduate Dustin Kensrue). Rounding out the lineup is the hip soul of The Union Line, which has been known to channel the spirit of a 1960s protest band in their live performances, and Vespers, a band comprised of Biola students, sophomore Jeremy Pfaff and senior Jared Garcia. This diverse blend of creative effort is most impressive because it’s aimed at supporting a ministry that is thriving practically in Biola’s backyard.

Slightly going against the flow of globally-targeted benefit concerts that spotlight organizations working in Africa and beyond, Olive Crest was selected by SJM specifically for the local nature of its efforts. Olive Crest, which was started in 1973, meets needs that exist less than 20 miles from Biola. The organization’s mission specifically circulates around rescuing women and children from abusive situations and includes adoption and foster care programs as well as homes regulated by Olive Crest that house more than 350 children and teens.

“Social Justice Ministry is usually connected with anything and everything overseas, but we want to show people that injustice happens right here in our communities, and we can reach out and make a difference in people’s lives right here at home,” said senior Carrie Allen, who is organizing the event.

As part of the evening, around 40 teens from local Olive Crest homes will be given a tour of Biola’s campus and a sponsored Chipotle meal before taking in the concert with the rest of Biola’s community.

The event is using entirely student time and talent to succeed, including the hospitality of several students who will give the teens from Olive Crest tours and make them feel welcome. Interspersed with the musical performances, the event will also highlight other ways people can get involved in areas of social justice, including human sex trafficking and AIDS awareness in Africa.

“Anyone can make a difference. Everyone has different strengths and talents, and we can easily utilize these things and do more than just watch,” said Allen.

Rock 4 Justice will begin at 7 p.m. on May 2 in Sutherland Auditorium. Doors open at 6:30 p.m. There is a $5 entrance fee that will go directly to Olive Crest and extra donations are welcome. Tickets will be on sale throughout the week near the Cafe.

Friday, April 25, 2008

What I will Miss Most About Biola #25

#25 = Late night, Molca Salsa runs.

Molca Salsa, located anywhere and everywhere throughout the college towns of La Mirada to Fullerton, is a fine mexican food restaurant which is open 24 hours (indoor dining until 1am).

Tonight, after work, Lindsay (roommate) and I headed over to Molca because I told her I wanted to do a late night run at least one more time before graduation. I ordered my usual nachos with no meat (I am kinda scared of food poisoning there), and Lindsay ordered her usual, tacquitos. I swear, everywhere she does, she wants tacquitos, it's kinda cute.

Anyway, Molca Salsa is THE Biola hotspot, everyone knows about it, it's definitly a tradition (along with "The Hat"), and I will greatly miss it. Well, mostly I will miss the whole meaning and tradition of Molca Salsa...but not really the's super greasy and kind of gross.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

12 Ways to Improve Your Blog

Justin Taylor gives us 12 great tips to improve our blogs (taken from Abraham Piper). Read about it here.

My fave is #12:

Recognize that it’s OK to take blogging seriously and to try to succeed.

If a blogger does everything to the glory of God, then he will blog for the sake of the Gospel, whether he’s writing about theology or fishing in Alaska. And if we’re blogging for God, we have only one choice: pursue excellence.

The servant who buried his talent, thought he was doing the wise thing. He wasn’t. As a Christian blogger, I don’t want to be that servant. If I’m going to blog the gospel, I want to do whatever I can to blog it excellently so that what I have offered to my readers is also worth offering to God.

We’ve been given a great platform for the gospel in blogging—how could we not take it seriously?

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I hate stars.

Not the kind in the sky, but the kind that are next to your name if you are a smart kid at graduation.

My GPA = 3.45

That means I am .5 away from having a star next to my name (like half of the graduating class at Biola).

Am I sad? Yes, I am. Would I have cared 4 years ago? No. I would have thought I was a loser for having stars next to my name. Stars would have equaled "no life", and "not popular".

Well, maybe I have a life, and maybe I am "popular" (whatever that means), but I don't have a dang star next to my name.

In other news, I am second to walk for Biblical studies major, and our major is one of the first to be called out, so if you are planning on attending my graduation, after Rick Warren speaks, I will walk pretty quickly after, and then you can sneak out before traffic. Maybe i'll meet you in the parking lot.


Okay, so this is in need of some blogging (though I have SO much to do by 8am tomorrow, or today, morning).

One of my neighbors, has a new boyfriend.

And over this entire semester I have watched the process.

You see, I work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday until midnight, and on Tuesdays, I am in the library until midnight. So, needless to say, I get home every weeknight at midnight. Well almost every single weeknight, these two little lovebirds are hanging out outside the girls apartment. They have to do so because of after hours rules (boys are out by 11pm Mondays through Thursdays).

So, I have seen them progress from sitting accross from each resting their feet on the opposite of each other while sitting accross from each sitting next to each sitting next to each other while holding now, sitting next to each other cuddling under a blanket. I just love it! I think it is so cute how much time they love spending with each other in this early stage of their relationship. If they are to get married, these are the times they will always remember.

Tonight on my way in, they were snuggling up to one another and he was reading to her. It was soooo cute. She is an english major, and I just though that was so romantic. *sigh*

Oh to be a "bird" of a lovebirds one day again.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Working on some new stuff...

So, as you maybe have noticed, I have been working on getting a solid name for my blog.
I am not a huge fan of what I have right now...well, I think I like the "But the greatest of these is love"...but I don't like the underlying information.


Newport Church: An Enlightening Experience

Unfortunately, I couldn't get one of their church logo's to upload on here, so the best I can do is to say, "Click Here" for Newport Church.

I was excited to go to Newport Church tonight at the recommendation of Blythe and Melissa...and also Mrs. Kaplan. Linda was telling me that Josh really enjoyed Newport Church, and I was excited to go to the place where he had last worshipped at.

I left early, because PCH can be quite a drive. I arrived about 15 minutes before the 8pm service, and I had no trouble finding the place because there were people everywhere. I parked across the street and started to walk over to where everyone was (still not really knowing if that was the church or not), and asked a young lady if that was Hillsong/Newport Church. She was nice and peppy, and exclaimed back to me in an Australian accent, "Yes! Is this your first time?!" I told her it was, and she welcomed me, and then apologized because she "had to run."

I crossed the street and was greeted by an official greeter, whom I quickly realized that I went to high school with. Her name is Camyron, and we briefly caught up on things, and she directed me where to go.

I then approached a madhouse of people. Well, it wasn't really in a "house", but in a parking lot. There were people everywhere. There was coffee and sofa's, cd's and tee-shirts for was pretty cool. I went straight for the door because I was a little overwhelmed with all my options (and I didn't want to spend any money on Hillsong CD's...quite a temptation). I got to the door only to realize that they were not letting anyone in yet. I looked like a retard because I honestly didn't think the surfer looking, blond haired guy had any authority over that door. He quickly stopped me and with the most surfer/hang loose voice ever, he said, "Woa hooaa there little lady...can't go in yet...but let me show you this cool handshake"... I gave him my hand and he warned me, "This might hurt"...

He continued to somehow flick the edge of my hand (it didn't hurt at all), and then scooted me over to the side. At this point, I was a little freaked out (mostly that they would put that guy at the front door). *I am obviously just kidding...he was a nice kid*

Anyway, at this point I got my phone out to call Blythe and Melissa, and quickly learned that they were at the table buying things. We caught up quickly, amongst all the hustle and bustle, and then I said my goodbyes, and finally entered the church (or Dennis Rodman's old club).

As soon as I entered, I was digging the atmosphere...especially the sound guys who were behind the "bar". I was immediately approached by a young woman who asked, "Are you looking for a seat?!" I nodded yes, and she quickly pulled a chair out of the last row, and sat me down in the middle of a married woman and a homeless guy, Tim. Okay, maybe it's wrong of me to assume Tim is homeless, but I hope you know me well enough to trust that I am not trying to judge anyone...just make observations of the diverse community at Newport Church.

The service began exactly at 8pm. It was like, the clock chimed eight, and that band immediately started playing, which was pretty cool.

People went nuts.

Not a bad nuts...not an out of control nuts...but just a crazy dancing nuts. I thought of South Padre, Texas ( worship nights. There were 600 of us, SO on fire for the Lord, and we just couldn't help but to dance.

But this was different. At first I didn't know what I wanted to say about their style of worship, but then I realized it is just that...a style. The way they worship is normal to them. It's not meant to be extravagant and distracting, it's just they way they worship. And that's cool.

We sang a few songs, and at some points, I couldn't help but get really excited and dance along.

*Sidenote* - sometimes I "sway" during worship at my church...and I think I am being a little too extreme. At Newport Church, my swaying gives the impression that I am shy and ...introverted?...

Their worship team was made up of 2 acoustic guitars (one was the lead singer), 1 bass guitar (who was a chick), 1 electric guitar, keyboards (who also sang), drums, and 2 other singers. They were reeeally good.

It was a worship night tonight, but the pastor still got up to say a few words. And by "few", I mean Chris Norman "few" (sorry, I just had to make that joke here). He got up and preached from "The Message" Bible translation which was quite interesting. The showed some video announcements which were similar to these older ones:

I really like their video announcements. I found it interesting that when they were "video announcing" about something to do with "love", they quoted some Greek Philosopher...and not the Bible...kinda silly.

Then of course, the pastor restated all the video announcements. After that, he went into a time of preaching and praying for the "Kingdom Giving". He put a real big emphasis on the tithe (I was almost convinced to give money!). He talked about being generous, not only with money, but with words and attitudes...that was cool. Then he gave away a free CD, which I think he did a lot because as soon as held it up in the air, everyone put their hands up, like when the LA Angel girls come out with those slingshots and tee-shirts.

It was also cool because the pastor mentioned "Brett", who was leaving for Europe the next week, and they were having a goodbye party and things for him the next Sunday. I love it when pastors make their churches seem really small (like a family).

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any good quality video of what a worship service is like at Newport Church, but this is the best I could find:

The pastor gave an altar call after the night was coming to a close, and it seemed that some people had raised their hands to accept Christ, but the pastor had everyone pray the prayer outloud, so I couldn't really tell.

I then ran into Blythe's friend, Monica, on my way out. She was kind enough to answer some questions I had about the church. There was this huge emphasis on the "Kingdom", which is definitely a major theological interest of mine, but I am wondering if they mean it in the same way I do. I kind of want to research that a little more.

I finally asked Monica, "What is her favorite thing about the church". She said, "Two things, one, I love the worship, and two, I love that this is my family...we are all a family here."

And then, it hit me. Yes, college students like good music, and their worship is musically good, and fun to dance to, but mostly, they want to feel like the belong. They want to feel needed and wanted...they want to feel like the body of Christ they belong to is their family. When people are not connected to a church, it's no wonder they leave. And when people are like family, and leave anyway, it's no wonder that it hurts so bad.

Honestly, I felt wanted at this church. I could easily go back next weekend and already have four people legitimately remember me. I think that's pretty cool. I hope that when I go on staff at Kingsfield, I can help make people feel like they belong at our church...and that they are cared for...because they are!

Other random things that I loved:

* I loved how when I exited the service, there was people walking around with some kind of "hot beverage" for me to take off their trays. It was totally random...but I really liked it.

* I loved how the senior pastor put a huge emphasis on "expecting God to do big things". This has been something I have been praying for a lot lately (for my heart to expect great things from God). We should walk into a church service and seriously expect for God to do mighty things...we need be expectant followers.

* I loved how everyone was in a great mood. I mean, I want people to be honest about their lives, and usually lives are not perfect, but seriously, we come to church on Sundays to worship an amazing Lord and Savior! We should be happy and excited about that! And these people were.

* I loved how they met on PCH in Newport, right next to Joe's Crab Shack. They were in the middle of life. I am sure many people have just wandered in there and gotten saved.

In conclusion, their big emphasis was "Heaven and Earth". While I was worshipping, I thought of how this was a little like heaven...because the worship was just so was like, heaven on earth.

I thought of Josh, and I smiled. Because he had been going to a church where he was getting a little taste of worship in heaven...and now, he is experiencing the real deal.

In other news,

I have been noticing this weird smell in all of my drinks lately. I couldn't figure out where it was coming from, and then today, it dawned on me...the ice.
Could it be that Biola's sink water, melting away from a frozen cube, could be the source of this nasty smell?

Good thing I am getting out of here in 34 days.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Concert Cursed.

I am officially "concert cursed".

Everytime I try to throw a benefit concert, there is another show that pops up right around me and takes away all of my audience.

Last time, when I threw an Invisible Children concert, some people at Biola decided to throw an IC benefit concert a week before mine...with Jon Foreman! That sucked.

And now...oh I should have expected this...

Now, apparentely, the curse gets worse everytime, because even though this concert isn't raising money for the same is IN the same auditorium as our concert, and it costs
the SAME as our concert, and it is the DAY AFTER our concert. Not only that, but our biggest push to Biola was going to be selling tickets infront of the cafe...weeeell...they will be selling tickets infront of the cafe as well.

You know, the biggest bummer in all of this is that not only are they taking away our audience, but I am taking away their audience. Of COURSE I want to see this missions team raise lots of money for their trip...I wish our concert was funding them! I wish we could have done a joint thing!


Such is life.

I just wanted to write this blog so I would remember how cursed I am the next time I want to throw a benefit concert. I am officially throwing in the towel after this one...unless I have a headlining band calling me.


Saturday, April 19, 2008

What I will Miss Most About Biola #26

#26 - The La Mirada Dollar Theater

Ohh the glories of being a dirt poor college student, scrounging up dimes and nickels to pay for a movie at the dollar theater; how I will miss these days. Especially because we are literally ONE minute away from the theater...we can easily walk there when we don't even have any money for gas.

And yes, just in case you are wondering, I have been to a movie at the dollar theater all. by. myself....and I love it!

Even tonight, Lindsay and I went and saw a horrible dollar movie, for the low cost of two dollars (it's only one dollar on Tuesdays).

As usual, we snuck in goodies with our purses, and sat in a 90 degree movie theater (I could barely breathe). The first minutes of the movie were watched with half the screen not working, and when we left, I missed stepping on a cockroach in the lobby by an inch (and I am not kidding about that).

Lindsay was shocked, exclaiming, "I didn't even know California had cockroaches!"

These are good times.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

What I will Miss Most About Biola #27

#27 - Being so close to Downtown Fullerton

Today I had a lovely time with Camyron and Bethany in Downtown Fullerton. Bethany and I started out at BIOLA, where we got a lot of information about short term missions to Japan. I introduced Bethany as someone who was currently "taking Japanese", and the lady got very excited and quickly blurted out a question to Bethany in Japanese. Poor Bethany, her face turned bright red...but eventually she answered properly, and I am pretty sure the lady was quite impressed. All in all, we walked away with a free book, some DVD's about different organizations, and a lot of information sheets. I really hope that we can take a team to Japan in the near future; I would be really excited to go!

Then Bethany took some pictures of me for my graduation announcements around BIOLA; here is a sneak peak:

Then we headed over to Chipotle/Yogurtland/Starbucks in Fullerton and met up with Camyron. We ate lunch, and then waited for Camy to get out of her class to head over to the Downtown area. We had a great time wandering around, taking pictures, hanging out etc.

We finally ended up at another Starbucks where we reloaded ourselves with water because if you didn't notice, it was HOT today!

We discussed how we were going to die of second hand smoke because we just couldn't seem to escape it (my "BIOLA Bubble" has made me forget these things...), and we discussed how blogging is so great, and we discussed how this Hillsong song, "Hosanna", is sooo amazing...

All in all, it was a great day, and I will miss being SO close to the cutest little city ever, where the people are great, the atmosphere is to die for, and where I can forget about my worries for an afternoon.

What I will Miss Most About Biola #28

Well, Josh was a little worried today that I wouldn't have enough days to get through my series, so I wanted to put another post up ASAP to calm his nerves. ;)
So, here we go, #28 = Clyde Cook

Now, originally, I was going to say that I was going to miss Clyde because he was just always around. You would see him in the cafe, or chapel, wherever, he loved Biola, and he loved the students, and I was going to miss his smiling face.

Sadly (for us), Dr. Cook went to be with the Lord last Friday (April 11th) night. He was with his wife at home when he suddenly passed, and we have all been mourning the loss of Dr. Cook this week. Ironically, this week is our annual missions conference, and if it wasn't for Dr. Cook, who knows if there even would be a missions conference. This was his favorite conference, and basically, his favorite thing in the world was to send out missionaries from Biola. He fought hard to keep the conference around, even though it meant losing 3 days of school.

Here is some information about Dr. Cook...he has an AMAZING story, you should read it!

Dr. Clyde Cook served as Biola University's president for 25 years, from 1982 to 2007, with a unique background as an educator, administrator and fourth-generation missionary.

Both his great-grandparents and grandparents were missionaries to China, and his mother followed in their footsteps. While traveling there by ship, she met her future husband, an officer on the ship, and a year later was married to this Christian sea captain from Scotland.

Born in Hong Kong, the fourth of six children, Clyde was faced with adversity at an early age when the Cook family was imprisoned in three different concentration camps during World War II. In 1942, by God's grace they were reunited in South Africa.

After five years in South Africa, the Cooks came to the United States and settled in Laguna Beach, California, where Clyde was named California Interscholastic Federation basketball player of the year in 1953. He was offered athletic scholarships to thirteen different major universities.

Clyde received his Bachelor of Arts degree from Biola University (1957) and his Master of Divinity (1960) and Master of Theology (1962) from Talbot Theological Seminary. He earned his Doctor of Missiology (1974) at Fuller Theological Seminary.

After graduating from Biola, Clyde served as the school's Athletic Director from 1957 to 1960. From 1963-1967 he and his wife, Anna Belle, were missionaries with O.C. Ministries (Overseas Crusades then) in Cebu City in the Philippines. During this time Clyde participated in pastors' conferences, city-wide crusades, lay institute training, youth conferences and Bible school teaching. He traveled extensively, visiting more than 72 countries in athletic and drama evangelism and to represent Biola University. In 1971, he spent six months in the Philippines helping to set up theological extension education programs.

Returning to Biola in 1967 as an Assistant Professor of Missions, Clyde was then appointed Director of Intercultural Studies and Missions and helped to develop Biola's nationally acclaimed program in cross-cultural education. Called to the presidency of O.C. Ministries in 1978, he ably guided the mission organization to an increased level of financial stability and multiplied foreign field effectiveness.

Clyde served on the Biola Board of Trustees from 1980 to 1982 when he was invited by a unanimous vote of the Board to assume the seventh presidency of Biola University on June 1, 1982 and became president emeritus on July 1, 2007.

The crazy thing about all of this is the fact that Clyde had a heart attack at the age of 49. It was a type so serious that it’s called “the widowmaker” — 100 percent blockage of his heart’s left main artery. Cook remained in critical condition for five days and was hospitalized for 24. Many people feared that his term as president would be cut short. But he recovered, and kept on serving for years!

It's no coincidence that Dr. Cook felt the Lord leading him to retire at this 100th year of Biola, and help in the process of choosing Barry Corey to be the next president. If Dr. Cook would have passed away at age 49, who knows what would have happened with the school...

The Lord has His hand over all of our lives, and we just need to put our faith in Him, and trust that His plan is the best plan of all.

I will miss you Dr. Cook, you were truly a great man.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

What I will miss most about Biola #29

#29 on the list is: Social Justice Ministry.

I have been a part of SJM for my whole time here at Biola, and it has been such a blessing in my life to have met and worked alongside people who are passionate about social justice.

I had the pleasure of directing our first ever "Genocide Awareness Week" in the Spring of 2007:

And this year, I am in charge of our annual Rock4Justice concert which is on May 2nd:

SJM meets weekly on Tuesday nights, and I will really miss getting together with people my age, who are passionate about making a difference in this world when it comes to poverty, the genocide in Darfur, human sex trafficking, the AIDS epidemic and its impact on children (specifically making them orphans), loving on and rehabilitating homeless people etc.

It seems that in these days, the church can easily forget that this is what Jesus is calling us to. He wants us to have a voice when it comes to these things.

I hope to stay in touch with SJM over the next few years while I still know people. I am praying that the Lord does some big things with the ministry, because some huge things have happened this year!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

These Are a Few of My Favorite Things...

I was reminiscing tonight through all my photos...I just miss the days of youth group sooo much. Those were truly great times in my life.

Youth Group...

Winter Camps

Summer Camps

Plane Rides to Kauai

Getting love notes on my computer from my kids while away at school and having Chris send pictures to me...*tear*

Mexico Mission Trips

Gina and Madson

Locking hundreds of kids in a room just to sit back and watch ours be disobedient ;)

Christmas Party Jam Sessions

Carrie Car Rides

Hanging out with Tate

Typical Boys Night

We just had to have those FUEL hats

My amazing cohort group

Leader "meetings"

Baby Cade

My little dorm room


Pumpkin Carving

Having a choir at church...ha.

Beach Reach/South Padre

Finding hair in nachos

Aubree and I shoving this in my car for beach day

My old cat, Noah Bob, RIP


The days of FUZE All-nighters

Memorizing Greek Paradigms....noT!

Adam having no shame

Chris' random pictures that somehow ended up on my computer...

Cade learning how to walk

The Buzzlightyear ride and Pammy

Pranking Chris' car with $100 worth of Top Ramen...what were we thinking?!

Breakfast and Bible Study with the Ladies

Winning "Bigger or Better" because someone wanted to get rid of their basketball hoop

Arcade Fire...LIVE

Disneyland With the Norman Children (Pictures: Ryah)