Friday, February 29, 2008


If you are a watcher of the amazing show LOST, I only have one observation for you:

Though the time travel is making my head spin, and I clearly have NO idea what is going on, I have to make note of something very imporant - Desmond calls Penelope on Christmas eve 2004 from the boat...and she answers when (presumably) it IS in fact Christmas eve 2004. Not only do we know that it is Christmas eve from the calendar on the boat, but we know it because Sayid said so before even looking at the calendar (indicating that island time is the same as the boat time). Though this new episode seems to indicate that there is a whole day of difference between the island and the boat time.

So, why is the island time not on the same track as the boat's time, if Scotland (or Australia...wherever Penelope is...) time is the same as island AND boat time. Am I out smarting the writers here?

Starbucks read.

I just finished this book.
I highly recommend it; mostly for unmarried young people...but there are good lessons for all.

Though I must say, due to the title, it's not a good book to read in a Starbucks. All they see is the "SEX" part...they miss the whole "chastity" line.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

It felt good to get this email today

Greetings! I want to inform you that your academic achievements for the fall 2007 semester place you on the Dean’s List. This is a significant accomplishment that is only awarded to those students who have earned a semester grade point average (GPA) of 3.60 or higher, while enrolled in twelve or more credit units and who have maintained a cumulative GPA of at least 3.20. This notification will appear on your transcript every semester you earn this standing.

You are to be commended for this significant academic achievement.

May the Lord continue to bless you in your pursuits and commitment to love God with all your heart, mind, and strength.


Jack Schwarz, DMA
Interim Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education

Can I just say, it's hard work taking 18 units in a semester...and it felt reeeally good getting straight A's and one (darn) B last semester. :)

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I'm either dying or I have pulled a muscle in my back. Tonight the pain was so bad I almost passed out in the library...not fun. So my parents came and picked me up from school and took me to the urgent care.
The medical staff brought me in, took absolutely no vital signs (blood pressure, pulse, O2 Sat., etc.), listened to me rant on about how last time I had this pain and shortness of breath I had pneumonia, and then proceeded to tell me that it was my ribs and prescribed me a muscle relaxer. Good to know that they teach physician assistants (that's right, not even a real physician) to see through the body and diagnose "hurt" ribs?
So I told my parents to sue them if I die ;)
Anyway, pray for me, because I feel like death, but I am supposed to be going to school. Bleh.

Monday, February 25, 2008

I have a friend named Camyron,

and she likes to write funny blogs about funny things that she has done because she is a bit of a klutz.

One time, she got her head stuck in bed post at camp -

I rescued her -

I love her because I am her "mom" and "panda" -
*I look like such a nut in this picture...I was trying to look like a crazy 80's mom in a crazy Christmas need to see the whole outfit*

Anyway, check out her funny story on her blog that involves me; you will laugh...mostly at her.

Also, at this moment in time I should also probably give a shout out to Maritza for mentioning me in her latest blog entry, but I didn't want to draw too much attention to it because she is way to gracious in what she has to say; but I knew I would get some kind of comment if I only mentioned Camy's shout out to me and not Tita's (aka, Maritza).

Love you girls.

Feel like changing your religion?

Okay, so awhile ago, one of those telemarketer type people called my house and asked me questions that were for a poll. The questions were all about religion: what religion did my family raise me with, was I still practicing that religion, what religion was I now etc. Well, I am pretty convinced that MY OWN answers were considered for this poll!
Don't be fooled...there is one former Catholic who left her faith to be a Protestant (me)...not everyone has just left their faith completely.

Read the article/poll here

Such a trend.

I love that all of my friends are starting to blog. Blogging is SO my new favorite thing to do! And it makes me happy that my friends are joining in on the fun.

Check some of them out:

Josh Saenz - Biola (Not a new blogger, but I motivated him to blog more)
Richard Freer - Biola and Kingsfield Church
Devon Earl - Biola and Steve's girlfriend (check up on her adventures in Australia!)
Bethany Paternostro - Kingsfield Church
Maritza Skidmore - Kingsfield Church
Camyron Lee - Kingsfield Church
Adam Sabolick - Kingsfield Church

On an entirely different note, 3 things:

#1 - Kinda bummed that I spend about $8 doing laundry today and literally, I mean ALL day. This communal laundry thing can be kind of a pain. My roommate says I should get up early in the morning to do it so I miss the crowds...that'll be the day :)

#2 - I am going street witnessing tomorrow (well, today, Monday) at Cal State Fullerton with Dr. Berding and various people from his classes. Yes, the extra credit is very enticing, but I am just really excited to go! It's been awhile, and I know I am going to be pumped up when I return...I will make sure to report any cool stories, and pray for me if you get a chance...actually, pray for the people God is going to lead me to.

#3 - Finally, if you can't tell already, I learned that safari doesn't let me link to other websites easily, but firefox does! As you can see, I have thoroughly been enjoying my new discovery.


Sunday, February 24, 2008

"According to Jim"

I absolutely love this show. I watch it for free on, and so can you.
But I wanted to recommend this specific episode about Jim having to help his daughter when she "becomes a woman". It is seriously so hilarious. Men, if you have daughters, or plan on having daughters, you have to watch this! The episode is called "Period Peace".

Greek(!!!) Fun.

So, the other day, my friend's (left to right): Paul, Derek, (me) and Jessie went to Chuck-e-Cheese (sp?) to work on our textual criticism project for Greek class. As you can see, we got so much done.

Check out the bling! Yeah!

Ps, notice how we are lined up by height. Ha.

Ralph Nader for President...Once Again

Ralph Nader enters the race.
He cracks me up.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

"A Beautiful World"

Some of you may know my good friend Chris Madson; well, he's a rockstar. And his band, "Tim Myers" (Pastor Rick's son), has a song which is played during an entire Target commercial. This is pretty cool.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Tatum is home!

Tatum was released from the hospital today, praise God!
She is going to go back for a bunch of follow up tests in the coming weeks so be praying for her as she juggles all of this stuff and takes care of her wonderful angels (yes, I mean her children).
Tonight I am going to go visit with her and feed her lots of food she hates. That's right, the doctor put her on a strict diet of no whole wheat, no fresh fruits or vegetables...basically, no fiber. It looks as if white flour is in her future, and she is not happy about it.

I have the chills!

***Warning, Spoiler Alert***

Holy cow! LOST tonight was soooo good! I cannot BELIEVE how it ended! Seriously, this was the best episode I have seen in a looong time. Oh my gosh, I just can't believe it...where are the writers going with this?! I mean, if you watch, we all have some sort of an idea of where the writers are going with the "surviving 8"..."2 dead"...famous "Oceanic 6"...and we know that Kate, Jack, Hurley, and Sayid make it...but do we have our last 2 from last weeks episode, Ben, and this weeks episode, Aaron. Are those the last 2? Does this make it the surviving 6? Obviously Ben wouldn't count as a survivor of the plane crash, but did something happen where the other survivors made a deal to say he was one of the one's who made it?

Craziness! I am SO excited for the rest of the season, and I just can't believe Claire dies and Kate takes the baby! Ah!!

...Or are they really dead? Maybe they just left them all on the island, alive, and still LOST.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Pray for "Potato"

My wonderful, amazing friend Tatum (aka - Potato), who is also my pastor's wife, has been sick and in the hospital for a couple of days now. She seems to be having some stomach problems again and that is no good. So if you would like to join me in praying for her, that would be wonderful.

But I am also writing because I have the craziest story about how connected we are :)

She got sick on Tuesday night and went to the ER at around 1130pm/Midnight. Well, I started feeling sick at that same exact time!! I was returning from the library/Josh's RA duty when I had this massive, sharp pain in my lower right abdomen. It was so bad that it kept me up until 2am! I thought I had appendicitis, but I also thought of the last time Tate was in the hospital for her stomach pains, and how similar my symptoms were to hers. I started thinking about that whole situation and started wondering how she was feeling and actually was praying for her and thanking God for healing her the last time. I finally fell asleep, only to awake at 7am for my class (yuck, 5 hours of sleep), to receive a text message which was sent to me at 3am, from Tate, telling me she was in the hospital again. It was so weird! If I would have called her between 12am and 2am when I was thinking about her and having pain, I would found that she was in the ER!

We are just like two potatoes in a pod...

...yes, I know it is supposed to be peas.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hip Hip Hooray for Spielberg!

China supports the Sudanese government and the Sudanese government is literally enabling rebel forces to kill thousands of people...and displace millions of people from their homes. No one should be supporting China in anything that they do right now. All of their comments about Spielberg and how they don't help Darfur with the genocide is just lies. Read more about it here:

Hollywood director Steven Spielberg's decision to quit the Beijing Olympics over the Darfur crisis is drawing condemnation by China's state-controlled media and a groundswell of criticism from the Chinese public.

Last week, the American director withdrew from his role as an artistic adviser to the opening and closing ceremonies of the Summer Games, accusing China of not doing enough to press for peace in the troubled Sudanese region.

Officially, the Chinese government has not directly criticized Spielberg by name, expressing only "regret" over his decision. But the state-run media and the public have been far less restrained.

In newspaper commentaries and lively Internet forums, they have expressed outrage, scorn and bewilderment that China's Olympics have come under international criticism from Spielberg and others.

A biting front-page editorial Wednesday in the overseas edition of the People's Daily, the Communist Party's official newspaper, blasted Spielberg for his decision.

"A certain Western director was very naive and made an unreasonable move toward the issue of the Beijing Olympics. This is perhaps because of his unique Hollywood characteristics," it said.

Over the weekend, the Guangming Daily, also published by the Communist Party, ran an editorial saying Spielberg "broke his promise to make his contribution to the Beijing Olympics and betrayed the Olympic spirit."

He "is not qualified to blame China because he knows nothing about the great efforts the Chinese government has made on Darfur," it said.

An editorial in the China Youth Daily was equally scathing.

"This renowned film director is famous for his science fiction. But now it seems he lives in a world of science fiction and he can't distinguish a dream from reality," it said.

China is believed to have influence over Sudanese leaders because it buys two-thirds of the African country's oil exports. China also sells weapons to the Islamic government and defends it in the United Nations.

More than 200,000 people have died in Darfur in a conflict between rebels and militias backed by government forces.

China often uses its newspapers to make statements it does not want to officially comment on. But the issue also has exploded on the Internet, where scores of Chinese have been quick to add their criticism of Spielberg.

Others asked why China's Olympic Games were being linked to Darfur.

"Spielberg used the sacred Olympics as a tool. There are so many simpler or more complicated issues than the Darfur issue in the world," one said. "I rarely heard him say anything. Why was he so keen this time?"

But the recent storm of international criticism has prodded China to take some steps.

Earlier this week, the Foreign Ministry announced that China's special envoy to Darfur will be making his fourth visit to the region later this month.

In a telephone call Tuesday to British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Premier Wen Jiabao detailed China's efforts to establish peace in Darfur, a move that underscored the sensitivity of the issue.

On Wednesday, the head of marketing for the Beijing Olympics defended China's stance on Darfur and appealed to activists not to pressure sponsors to pull out of the games.

"China has been doing a lot toward the resolution of the Darfur issue," said Yuan Bin, director of the Beijing Olympics marketing department. "I want to say the Olympics should be kept nonpolitical."

Obama, the next president

So, it looks like Obama is going to beat Hillary.
First of all, I just want to say, thank the Lord!
Secondly, I am pretty sure we are looking at Obama to be the next's why:

Most likely we are looking at a Obama vs. McCain competition here.

Top 2 Reasons why people won't vote for McCain:

#1 - He's old.
#2 - The Bush's endorse him.

Reasons why I won't vote for McCain, ever.

#1 - The two reasons above
#2 - I really don't think he cares about this country at all
#3 - Has he done anything good whatsoever yet? I didn't think so...
#4 - He's OLD! He looks like he is going to die and I don't think being president will help with that.

When it comes time for the debates, Obama is going to dominate McCain. Obama is young and full of life. His wife Michelle is this awesome woman who at least acts like she loves this country. She is involved and wants to make a change.

America doesn't want another Bush...they want change...
and that is why I am predicting Obama, the first African American man, will be president of the United States in a few months.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


The next test date in April lands on the day of a friend's wedding that I am in.
So bummed.
Gunna have to wait until June now.

Another example of a failed marriage

Pink (music "pop" star) and her husband split up after TWO years of marriage. Pink's representative says they are still great friends.
I hate that the sanctity of marriage is just thrown out the window nowadays. It's so horribly sad. Maybe the problems started when she proposed to him?...hmmm...

"NEW YORK - Pink and motocross racer Carey Hart have separated after two years of marriage.

"This decision was made by best friends with a huge amount of love and respect for one another," Pink's representative, Michele Schweitzer, said Tuesday in a statement. "While the marriage is over, their friendship has never been stronger."

Pink, whose real name is Alecia Moore, met Hart at the 2001 X Games in Las Vegas and proposed to him four years later during a race in Mammoth Lakes, Calif. They were married Jan. 7, 2006, in Costa Rica."

Monday, February 18, 2008


Have you ever noticed how powerful words can be?
They can put us in a good mood, or a bad mood...or any mood.

Today was just one of those days ya know?
One of those days where the words coming out of people's mouths were just not the words I wanted to hear. And not that those words would be classified as "bad" words...but just the truth. Sometimes you don't want to hear the truth.

So as I was sitting and thinking about all these words that were thrown my way today it really hit me.

What kind of words was I saying to other people? Am I speaking words of truth? Am I speaking words of encouragement? Am I speaking words which hurt? Am I speaking words that I don't plan on fulfilling?

Sometimes I just wish there was silence. Silence so I can focus on the only words which matter; God's words.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

I want a real Chaplain

This clip from the TV show "ER" is awesome!!!
This guy basically "schools" this "New Age" hospital must watch it!

The emergency room and the rejection of the new age many things I love all rolled up into one... :)

Saturday, February 16, 2008

It's been a long time since I laughed this hard...

Tonight I watched "License to Wed" starring Robin Williams, John Krasinski, and Mandy Moore. This movie was so cute! I had a blast watching it because I just laughed the whole time. It was also a joy to watch because basically the entire cast of "The Office" was in it including, "Angela", "Kevin", and "Kelly"...and of course "Jim" (John Krasinski). But the whole cast of the movie was great.

The movie was clean, I think maybe a few "bad" words, but no innapropriate sexual content. And though there was definitly some things that were not on par with the Christian beliefs (but what do you expect when Robin Williams is the minister), the basic moral of the story was to not take marriage lightly. To really think about it before you jump and commit your whole life to someone, forever.

It was a great comedic love story that would be fun to watch over and over again; I highly recommend seeing it.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Sometimes perseverance pays...

Tonight was a strange night...but full of life lessons. Actually, the whole day was full of good life lessons.
This Friday, the 15th of February, has been shaped around one event for a few weeks now. The book to the left has been written by a man by the name of Dr. Kim Riddlebarger, and he has so graciously decided to give FREE lectures on Amillennialism for 6 weeks. This is a great opportunity to learn and be challenged in our beliefs, and I have been excited to go for awhile now. Just in case you're wondering, I tend to lean more Historical Pre-mil (like George Ladd), but I definitly think the case of amillennialism is a good one.

Anyway, my day started out with a great Pauline Literature class with Dr. Berding. We talked about what the proper ways to plant churches were, and looked at how Paul did it. Dr. Berding gave us some great insights from his own experience's in Turkey when he was a missionary, and the the insight that stuck out to me the most was "don't give up". He told the story of how eventually after a couple years in Turkey, he and his wife began to receive death threats. His wife was 7-months pregnant at the time and they seriously considered leaving. Eventually they decided to stay and well, Dr. Berding and his wife are here today, so we know that everything turned out positively. This story just really encouraged me in many ways, but mostly in the area of perseverance. I don't often "give up" when it comes to BIG things in my life, but I give up a lot when it comes to small things.

So again, I had been looking forward to this lecture, but some events transpired and the situation that I would put myself in to attend this lecture would be sort of..."awkward". It's a long story, and really, I don't want to share it ;) but just take my word... awkward. So, I really wanted to back out of it, but I had promised someone a ride, and I didn't want to back out on my committment, AND I wanted to go to the lecture.

I leave for the lecture and the whole time I am just thinking, "why the heck am I going to this?...seriously, I could just stay here with my friends from my apartment where I was enjoying a potluck...and then go to Kelly's birthday party"... All of these things are going through my mind...but really...I WANT to go to the lecture. So I keep telling myself, don't give up Carrie...persevere.

I get off the freeway and realize that I am horribly lost. Eventually I find the church but I am already 30 minutes late. So now, not only am I walking into an awkward situation between people...but I am walking into an awkward situation of...I am 30 minutes late! My friend who was inside kept texting me, "just come in, it's fine" (he was also the one who kept convincing me to go to the lecture at all...through the awkwardness). Just track with me here...imagine a terribly awkward situation happening in the midst of something you really want to life tonight.

But I kept going, and I walked in late and I sat down and I listened to that lecture and I was so happy because it was really great, but I was more happy because I just didn't give up.

In the end, not only was I blessed by a potluck with my apartment, a great lecture, meeting a new friend, and Kelly's birthday party...but I just didn't give up. Yes, the situation was "awkward"...yes, maybe I should have just stayed home...but no, I kept on going and I had a great night.

Obviously this is a little different from persevering through intense persecution in Turkey, but it was just a little life lesson that I enjoyed learning tonight.


and yes, I mean the show.

I just want to say that ever since season 4 began, I have absolutely no idea what is happening. I don't understand a thing, and I am kind of starting to get annoyed.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

High School calls all 2,550 Students to detention

"PALM BAY — An accidental push of a button Friday had students at Palm Bay High questioning what they'd done wrong and parents plotting punishments.
Parents of all 2,550 students in the school received an automated call Friday reminding them that their student had to report for Saturday morning detention. Problem was, the message only should have gone to 16 homes.

"One of my friends texted me to ask if I had Saturday detention," said Robert Lenoci, 15, of Valkaria. The sophomore is going to the state science fair finals and hasn't been in trouble before.

"I looked and I had a message from mom. She was asking, 'What did you do?' It was pretty bad," he said.

Robert's mother calmed down after talking with other parents and learning something was amiss.

Amy Stewart said after the call that she confronted her son, Jimmy, and he pleaded innocent.

"He said he didn't do anything, but I took him Saturday morning anyway," she said. About 40 students showed up.

That's when Stewart and dozens of other parents learned of the glitch.

"I had yelled at him. I felt so bad, I took him out for breakfast," Stewart said.

Principal John Thomas said by the time the error was discovered, it was 9:30 p.m. and too late to call everyone. But he did send an apology via the system during the weekend."

---My question: Where the heck were the other thousands of students who got called? They all just got the message and were like, "Psh, whatever..."---

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

A blog from the past

I have been meaning to post this article I wrote back in's a goodie:

World Hunger: The Church's Responsibility
This blog was created so that you had the option to read the full length 1000 word article that I wanted to post in the Chimes...but they made me had a 800 word limit. It does not make me happy that other things could have just been excluded to address REAL issues in the Christian world today. I hope that if you are reading this blog that you will not give up on the Chimes. I hope that you will continue to read was is published and fight against anything that is not glorifying to our Lord Jesus Christ. Our school newspaper represents us and I think it should be something we are proud of. Thank you for taking the time to read my article in entirety, and I look forward to any questions or comments you may have. There is obviously a lot more to say about this subject. Please visit this site:

to read the article that inspired this article. Thank you.

Carrie Allen

Imagine yourself walking leisurely around a lake and suddenly you hear a furious sound of splashing; you realize that there is a child who has fallen in the lake who apparently can’t swim. You are able to swim. What do you do? Do you jump in and save that child or do you turn your back and keep on walking?
I think we would all say that we would jump into the lake and save the child. It would seem to be the natural thing to do, especially if we are able to swim. I am using this analogy to bring into the light an issue that we all too often turn our back on, the issue of world hunger. In my research and countless hours of prayer over this issue, I have come to the conclusion that world hunger is the church’s problem. We should not be relying solely on the government. Jesus Christ has called us as Christians to take action against world hunger and I believe the church has the resources to solve the issue.
Did you know that hunger kills 24,000 people a day ( Five times as many people die from hunger every day than there are students at BIOLA. World hunger is moving at a rampant rate throughout the world and it seems as if no one is recognizing the statistics. As I start my senior year here at BIOLA, I think of all the money I have spent coming to this school and I feel sick to my stomach. I often cry out to God, “Please Lord, forgive me if I have it all wrong!” I feel this way because when I sit down and read the gospels, these are the things that cross my eyes: “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me” (Matt 19:21 NIV). We also see in Matthew 16:24, Jesus is telling us that “If anyone would come after me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” (NIV). There seems to be a pattern here; one of first denying ourselves and selling what we don’t need to survive, and only then following after Christ. Matthew chapter 5 tells us to “give to the one who asks of you” (NIV); I believe that the scriptures clearly are telling us that world hunger is the church’s responsibility.
I am convinced we are missing it. I think churches are wrong when they only use 10% of their tithe for “missions”. I think we are kidding ourselves it when we treat our money like it actually belongs to us. I recently read a paper written by a Ray Mayhew titled, “Embezzlement: The Corporate Sin of Contemporary Christianity”, and was astonished at what his research had found: “In the latest edition of the World Christian Encyclopedia, the estimated personal income of Christians world-wide (Protestant, Catholic and Orthodox) was around $15 trillion. The amount given to the church and Para-church bodies was in the region of $276 billion – not nearly what it should be, but still a lot of money. The United Nations has calculated that for $35-$40 billion per year, basic social services could be provided to all the poorest people on the planet. This includes both primary schooling and basic health care and nutrition” ( Apparently Christians had the resources and the ability to provide for the worlds poorest people! Where did that $276 billion dollars go? It’s really not that hard of a question to answer. I look around my church and see big plasma TV’s for my viewing pleasure, soft chairs, air conditioned room, and free breakfast. Then I return to school and see signs of men from the 1950’s blown up and hanging from our gym and I am encouraged to give my opinion on whether I think it’s okay to spend $8,000 to throw a birthday party for BIOLA. Can’t we just make a cake and send the spare money to some brothers and sisters in need? Seriously, where is the money going? Not only is Christ calling us to the issue of world hunger but we, as the church, have the ability to solve the problem!
I am not trying to be a hypocrite. I claim to follow after Christ, but I will still buy a new jacket any day (even though I have about 10) rather then sending my extra cash to people in need. Materialism can be a hard habit to break. This article is not about making you feel guilty. I don’t expect for you to tithe more than 10% or coerce you into never buying new clothes. The point of bringing my opinion to you is so you can become aware of the situation so we can fight this battle together. You have read the statistics and you now know that we have the resources to help. I dream of the day that Christians can step up and take responsibility for what Christ has called us to do. I want to see the headline that reads, “Christians end world poverty”. Dr. Mickey Klink reminded our class the other day that we need to be asking God for wisdom. The money issue for Christians today is so incredibly hard to understand. Therefore, just as Dr. Matt Williams has encouraged us to take a jump this year, my prayer is that we will address the problem of materialism within the Christian world in America. I hope that we will be praying for wisdom in dealing with the issue of world hunger, and that we will be able to see the church take hold of her responsibility and unite together as one body to make this issue a priority. We are turning our backs on a sea of drowning people while we are holding life vests in our hands. As the next generation of Christ followers, it’s time to jump in to help.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Such a great visual project

Check out my lovely, good looking, SINGLE, amazing, friend's (who loves God) blog post.
Yes, I told her to post it because I love it.

Also, check out this video of an update on Union University's aftermath of the tornado they survived. NO ONE was killed; it is seriously such a miracle.
I just love and respect their president so much. My favorite line of his in the video is, "We have hope, because we believe in a God who raises the dead...We have hope, because we believe in a God who changes hearts"....AMEN!!!
We are praying for Union here at Biola as our sister school...I can't even imagine the hardtimes it must be to go through something like that. Especially when you are such a small community of students, it would be so hard to see so much damage to a school that I love so much.

"Whites to Become the Minority"

Found this on yahoo news today...does this mean my kids will get more financial aid for college? I hope so... ;)

"WASHINGTON (AFP) - Immigration will drive the population of the United States sharply upward between now and 2050, and will push whites into a minority, projections by the Pew Research Center showed Monday.

"If current trends continue, the population of the United States will rise to 438 million in 2050, from 296 million in 2005," an increase of nearly 50 percent, the study by the Washington-based think-tank said.

More than 80 percent of the increase will be due to immigrants arriving in the country and their US-born children, who will make up nearly one in five Americans by 2050 compared with one in eight in 2005, it said.

Whites, who currently make up around two-thirds of the US population, will become a minority (47 percent) by 2050, the report said."

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I live in the Library.

Tonight, as I was studying in the library, something exciting (for us dorks) happened. Okay, it's not really "exciting", just funny.

You see, there is this guy who brings in his own chair so he can be comfortable (and if you have already heard my story about the other guy who has his own desk setup...this is a different guy). So the chair guy, just leaves his chair in here at all times. And I have seen him always sitting in it, so I know that it is his.

Well tonight, some other guy took the chair, and I said to him, "Is that yours?"
He said, "No, but no one is using it".

I was just like, whatever, and went back to working while he wheeled the chair into the back of the library. I thought to myself, "well, if that guy who owns the chair isn't here by now (there was only one hour left til closing), then he isn't coming.

Then, all of a sudden, the owner of the chair walks in. My stomach sank thinking to myself, "Should I tell him...or just let him look around?"

Well, I just let him look around. If he came close to me, I would have told him...but where he was positioned would have forced me to get up.

Then, he left the library, and he looked kinda worried.

Another exciting adventure with Carrie!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I wasn't going to steal!

Okay, so this story happened yesterday (Friday), but I almost forgot to blog about it.
It's a good one, so I didn't want to leave the story in the must be remembered.

Usually when I am really tired I sleep in the living room either on the couch or the futon because they aren't very comfortable to sleep on. This way, when my alarm clock goes off, I will just get up and go to class...out of, uncomfortableness.

This morning I was so tired, I actually got up, and just went to sleep again in my bed. This usually doesn't happen, so I must have needed sleep.

Anyway, when I woke up at around 2pm, I was angry because of how lazy I had been, and then decided I would just "get ready" for another 3 hours. Take a shower...send some emails...put some product in my hair...make a few phone calls...blow dry my hair...check my email...put on some makeup...etc. It was totally ridiculous.

But I needed to hurry because I needed to go to the bank before it closed to get $10 worth of quarters to do laundry that has been piling up for 3 weeks now. So I make it to the bank (which is in a grocery store) and I decide that I need to get some bread and milk etc. So then I just start procrastinating again...get some bread...realize I am hungry and grab a crossaint...get some get the picture. So, I hadn't eaten all day (because I was so busy) and I grabbed some kind of crossaint-ish thing and I was eating it around the store just looking at how expensive everything is.

I finished shopping, but then I was frustrated because I didn't know HOW to explain to the cashier what I ate because I wasn't really exactly sure what it was. And so the thought ran through my mind that maybe I just shouldn't tell her. But then I thought, well, that would be stealing. But for about a minute I really thought that I would rather steal than look like an idiot trying to explain to the lady what I just ate.

I go to checkout and began to explain to the lady that I had eaten a croissant thing from the bakery cubby things...and yes, I said it just like that. She looked at me with this odd expression on her face and so I kept on rambling on about where I got it from and how there was no barcode on anything so I didn't know how to tell her. I told her they were right next to those "things" that have the jalapeno's on them. I must have looked like...yes, an idiot...and the lady behind me was like what the heck?
So then, the cashier says to me, "Umm, do you have your savings card?"
And I am like, "Yes, I do, but I don't want you to finalize this transaction because I ate one of those croissants".
I am starting to get kind of angry now because I am trying not to steal and she is just ignoring me!
Finally, she says, " ate one?"
Yes, yes, I ate one. I took it out of the cubby and ate it while walking through the store dangit!
Okay, I didn't say that, I just nodded my head and nicely affirmed her statement.

But then, she freaked out.
She started speaking loudly about how "This nice young woman came and told her she ate a croissant". She explained to me that most people steal them. Then the lady behind me was like, "Oh yes, that is very nice of you". Then the cashier started yelling accross to the other cashier (who of course was about 3 rows away), "Hey Johnny! See this nice young girl?! She ate a croissant and told me about it...she didn't steal it!!"

My face must have been so red at this point.

I should have just stolen that darn croissant.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Bill Clinton Falls Asleep during Martin Luther King Speech

This is seriously hilarious...make sure to watch the second great..

Hope Force

I have been blessed by being sponsored (by a family from my church) to attend the hope force training which starts this weekend.

My past has been made up of several opportunities to work within "disaster's" of every kind; whether it's with my work as an EMT, or my work with TIP (Trauma Intervention Program:

But within both of these experiences, I was never able to bring the the gospel to these people in need (because I wasn't allowed to). This caused pain in my heart throughout many situations, and because of this reason (and my move to Biola), I gradually left both my job in the medical field, and TIP.

But now there is hope through hopeforce! I am so excited for what I will learn in my training, but more excited for when the time comes for me to be used in this area of comforting people in disaster situations.

To learn more about hopeforce, you can visit their website at:

Here I gave you an email I received today from the VP of hopeforce. They have been called to help after the deadly tornado in Tennessee. Read more here if you like:

February 8, 2008: We are grateful to all who have emailed and called to check on our safety, and to volunteer their services in response to the deadly tornado outbreak on Super Tuesday evening. We want to give you an update on the situation here in our own backyard. The horror of Tuesday night represents the worst natural disaster in Tennessee ’s history since the 1930’s. As of this weekend, Hope Force International will have deployed a total of almost 30 people – working 12 – 14 hour days in Macon County , Tennessee – the area with the greatest devastation.

What we have witnessed will forever be burned into our memories. In this northern Tennessee county, there are two staging areas for response workers, and in both areas, there has been loss of life. However, the second area on Akersville Road– where President Bush toured today– is beyond description. When we were waved through security and approached the disaster area, all we could do was gasp. There is no structure left standing, most foundations have been ripped up… and even the grass has been totally stripped away in many areas.

To help you understand the magnitude of the devastation, the press has not been permitted to enter into this area until the President’s arrival today, and it is highly barricaded from any outside traffic. Only the residents and emergency responders are allowed in, along with The Salvation Army and Hope Force volunteers and staff. Jack Minton (HFI Founder and President) and our Hope Force team, along with our Salvation Army partners, were privileged to spend time with President Bush as he expressed his gratefulness to each of our Hope Force Reservists, spending several minutes with them. Tennessee Governor Bredesen told Jack that the need will increase for our help in the weeks ahead as others begin to leave the area.

The search and rescue tent and other emergency responders have set up their staging area where The Salvation Army mobile feeding unit is located. This is where our team has served both the community families and emergency responders non-stop – through offering meals, hydration and emotional and spiritual support. Without any exaggeration, we probably saw 30 – 40 search and rescue personnel with dogs, combing the totally decimated area. At the present time, there are approximately 250 people unaccounted for, and it is still not known who are simply finding shelter in other places, and who are deceased.

Throughout the neighborhood, the survivors are very somber as they quietly pick through the rubble, hoping to find some small token of their past lives. However, there are moments of joy as well. One woman rejoiced that a small snapshot of her wedding day was found… and that her wedding rings were miraculously uncovered after she had asked God to help her find them. A grown daughter was excited to find a picture of herself as a little girl in her Halloween garb as she combed through the rubble of her parent’s home. Her parents miraculously survived in their basement… even though there was absolutely nothing left standing.

Our Hope Force teams and Salvation Army staff are offering emotional and spiritual care to both the community and to the first responders. They have been prepared for this very kind of event, and they are rising to the occasion with an amazing sensitivity… giving meaningful and appropriate care. What we have found over these past few days is the eager and warm response to a listening ear. People not only want to tell their story... they need to tell their story, and most do so readily -- often with tearful hugs. Two emergency responders confided that this was their community; one had lost his church, and one had lost his fishing buddy. These men had only been able to grab 10 hours of sleep since Monday, but have continued to serve heroically. The pain in their eyes was evident as they shared their personal sorrow… mingled with expressions of deep gratitude for our presence there.

This has been a poignant reminder of “why we do what we do.” The passion to train and deploy people to minister appropriately in times of disaster… to bring the compassionate love of Jesus to those who have suffered so desperately, has gained new momentum in all of our hearts.

Dobson endorses Huckabee

James Dobson endorses Huckabee...but I definitly do not. Read more about it...

"James Dobson, one of the nation's most prominent evangelical Christian leaders, backed Mike Huckabee's presidential bid Thursday night, giving the former Arkansas governor a long-sought endorsement as the Republican field narrowed to a two-man race.

In a statement first obtained by The Associated Press, Dobson reiterated his declaration on Super Tuesday that he could not in good conscience vote for John McCain, the front-runner, because of concerns over the Arizona senator's conservative credentials.

Dobson said given the situation at that point, he was reluctant to choose between "two pro-family candidates whom I could support" — Huckabee and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney".

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Farewell to Facebook for Forty Days

In view of Lent, I have decided to give up social networking. This will encompass two websites: Facebook and Myspace.

Myspace isn't much of a stretch because I just don't spend much time at all on there, but facebook will be very hard to leave.
I love facebook...I really do. I love that all my friends are so easily accessible on there, I love that I can know about everything happening at Biola on there, but I find myself mostly loving the fact that I can just distract myself from so many things by being glued to facebook. I know more about people from "stalking" their facebooks, than I would on a normal basis because I just don't talk to them that much.

So I want to challenge myself to:

#1 - Take the time that I waste on facebook learning about someone, and actually sit down and have a conversation with them.

#2 - I want to do my homework instead of spend endless hours looking at photo albums.

#3 - I want to take all my extra time that I will have (seriously, I think it will be like one hour - average - a day) and do something productive, like, catch up on sleep or pray!

Hopefully taking time away from facebook will give me time to become adjusted to not being so dependent on it. My prayer is that when the 40 days are over, I will have a healthier attitude and response towards social networking.

Are you giving anything up??

Monday, February 4, 2008

And February Begins...

February has begun with a bang. I hosted an 80's party at my little place here at Biola and it was a BLAST! Here is a picture of me, my roomie Lindsay, co-worker Talitha, and neighbor Kelly. My friend John (see link to John can also see his head in the back of the picture) brought a chocolate fountain and it was seriously a hit! Everyone absolutely loved it. We also had a plethora of chips and dip and root beer floats. We danced the night away to 80's hits, and yes, someone had the guts to come dressed as Tom Cruise in "Risky Business" (search if you need a refresher). It was definitly a great back to school party and I just loved seeing everyone that I miss throughout the school year (friends from the OC).

It's been a crazy first week of school for me. I will spare you the yucky details, but I will update you on some of my classes.

Sex, Money and Power class:
Sooo excited about this class. I think I am going to do my big project on marriage, and I am really pumped about studying that area (from many different people) more in depth.

Pauline Theology:
In my last blog, I wrote about how I suddenly felt as if I needed to be in this class...I haven't exactly experienced my "ah-ha" moment, but I know that just even being in the last two classes has been awesome. Dr. Berding is seriously such a good teacher. And not only is he a good teacher, but he and his wife (and daughters) open up their house every single week and host a dinner for all of his students. For the first half of the semester it's on Mondays, and the second half is on Thursdays. It doesn't cost any money, nothing, they just want to hang legit is that? I hope I can have a ministry like that one day.

New Testament Use of the Old Testament:
Gunna be a hard excited about it though.

Wednesday is almost here! I have my message done and ready to go, but I am just trying to put it to memory right now. Kinda nervous...but excited! :)